Webcam woe

  PC Plodder. 08:14 22 Jul 2009

I bought an NX-3000 webcam for my Aspire 1353 XC. The laptop has a few upgrades-80GB hard disc and 1.5 meg RAM.

I was pratting around all yesterday trying to make the thing work but no good.

First snag on installation-' this doesn't pass the wimdows logo certificate '

Whats THAT about ? It clearly says on the spec it works with Vista or XP with service pack 2 or higher but it has only the Vista logo.

Anyway i installed it but then it wouldn't work a pop-up said 'a problem with hardware'

Now i ain't no computer geek but i had another look at the spec it says P3 or P4 processor required.

My machine has the Athlon processor 2400+ so is this the reason no go ?

Can i make it work with this laptop before i take it back and if not which cam do i get ?

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 08:25 22 Jul 2009

That cam should work fine with your lappie.

Windows Logo cert - just click on 'Continue anyway'.

Did you install the software first, before attaching camera ? 'cos that is how most need to be installed.

  PC Plodder. 08:32 22 Jul 2009

Yeah i tried all that stuff plus-instal/take off/reinstal get all latest windows updates blah blah but it just keeps coming back ' hardware problem device may not work '

Pig-sick !!!

  Technotiger 08:34 22 Jul 2009

hardware problem device may not work ....

that does not necessarily mean it will not work - have you actually tried it?

  Technotiger 08:36 22 Jul 2009

Also have you run the tests within Messenger which checks video and audio operation?

  PC Plodder. 08:51 22 Jul 2009

Yes i tried yahoo messenger it said: ' No cam detected on your system '

  Technotiger 08:54 22 Jul 2009

Are you sure that the USB Port you are using for the cam is working fine?

  Technotiger 09:03 22 Jul 2009

Hmm, just been browsing - not a particularly good review, I think 'Cheap and Nasty' sums it up ... click here;rcol

Personally, I would go for the Logitech alternative mentioned in this review.

My own webcam is the Logitech Quickcam Pro9000.

  PC Plodder. 10:29 22 Jul 2009

Well thats surprising considering its a Microsoft product i'd expect a decebt cam.

I just tryed installation again the speaker tests work but ive gone into device manager and the cam is disabled.

'Device cant start ' (code 10)

  PC Plodder. 10:30 22 Jul 2009


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