Webcam and spyware/ad-ware

  Cyberbia 12:14 02 Mar 2003

I've just bought a Labtec webcam from a friend (who could'nt get the thing to work - DOH!)

The software that comes with the camera saves all video files in .rm format.

The player that comes with the camera is RealOne Player - which bombards me with rubbish ad's that I dont want!! Also if I want to send videos to my friends and relatives, I dont want them to have to download RealOne Player in order to view my video just so that RealOne can inflict its spyware on them!!

Does anyone else know where I can download preferably free) software that can decode the signal from the camera and have it saved in a different format - preferably a format that Microsoft's Mediaplayer can read?

Or, can Mediaplayer read .rm files?

Many thanks

  mikef™ 12:45 02 Mar 2003

To get rid of the adverts open up the Real player/ View/ Message Centre/ Options/ Personalise your Message Centre and remove all the ticks in the boxes and that should get rid of all the adverts etc. That's how mine is set up and I don't get any.

  Cyberbia 13:26 02 Mar 2003


Thanks for your reply, but I would really like to get rid of RealOne altogether.

RealOne constantly wants to connect to the internet each time you start the thing up. I can imagine my friends and relatives reactions - some who are not really proficient in the use of PC's and the internet - when they try to install RealOne for the first time.

I think that the whole process will

a) bewilder them and,

b)give them second thoughts about having me as a friend or relative!!

But thanks again for your reply.


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