Webcam software wont install

  MuDelta 12:07 08 May 2006

I cannot install the software for my new E-TEC webcam . I get as far as "InstallShield is ready to install the software" and a fleeting image of the install progress screen appears but then disappears and nothing more happens even after ten minutes or so of waiting. At this stage, Windows Task Manage shows that the install program is still running but there is no progress and I abandon the enterprise by closing in Task Manage after which I get the 1628 error message.

I am running XP2 home with SP2 and have never before had a problem using InstallShield.

Suggestions please.

  Stuartli 13:05 08 May 2006

Is it a USB webcam?

If so, install the software first.

  MuDelta 13:13 08 May 2006


Yes it is USB. I have been trying to install the software before connecting the camera as per vendor's (E-TEC) instructions.

Incidentally, InstallShield recommended that I find and terminate any previously running install processes and clean the temp directory (Also to ensure the Windows Installer Engine is present on my computer. There is no need to do this because I am running XP which contains the engine).

Result, no change!


  Stuartli 16:31 08 May 2006

These may help:

click here

click here

click here


Error 1628 is an InstallShield error. It indicates you may not have sufficient permissions to install this software on your machine. This error can also indicate a file conflict but it is more likely to be a permission issue.

To resolve this issue:
* First check the Microsoft Windows taskbar to be sure that only one version of the installer is listed. If more than one InstallShield program is listed, you may have inadvertently started the installation twice. Close all of the InstallShield applications, restart your computer, and then try again.
* If you are using Microsoft Windows XP or 2000, be sure that you have sufficient administrator permissions to install software. Jaws PDF Editor requires that you be logged in with administrative privileges to install the software. Check with your system administrator or refer to Windows Help for additional assistance.
* If the error persists, try installing the software in Safe Mode.

  MuDelta 16:51 10 May 2006

Hi Stuartli,

I have tried all of yuour sugestions with no change!

Ihave juat had a reply from Q-TEC's helpdesk and their ideas have alco failed to get a result. They have just asked me to send them details of what is running on my system etc. (files msinfo32 /nfo c:\info.nfo and msinfo32 /report c:\info.txt).

I'l let you know how things go.

Thanks for your efforts.


  MuDelta 10:54 15 Aug 2006

Further exchanges with Q-TEC have produced no progress and they finally blamed a faulty unit! I gave up and conacted the vendor, 7dayshop for a refund on return of the offending item which they made pronto - including P&P.

Some vendors do the right thing without quibble.

Thanks, Stuartli for your advice.

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