Webcam problems

  fishymcfish 17:39 26 Feb 2006

Hi. I seem to be having problems on msn having webcam conversations. I know my webcam works perfectly well as it is brand new and i can take videos and pics of myself using it. However, whenever I try and use it on msn the video conversation automatically stops itself before it loads. It does the same if i try and view anyone elses webcam. I wondered if anyone has any suggestions?

  QuickHare 18:13 26 Feb 2006

Check your firewall settings. It might be that your webcam (and other people's) are being blocked when crossing the Internet in MSN Messenger. To check this, go to Control Panel, and then to Windows Firewall.

The easiest way to check this is by deleting the entries under Exceptions for MSN Messenger. When you next reload MSN, you will be prompted if you would like to unblock the program. If you click Unblock, then the next time you use the webcam, you'll have a better chance it will work.

If you use a different firewall software, or a router, then you may need to look at the manuals to find out how to open the appropriate ports for MSN Messenger.

  skidzy 19:06 26 Feb 2006

As Quickhare says this could be related to your firewall settings.
If using Zonealarm firewall,you will need to Allow and not deny.
Just an idea Fishy

  AaNnDdYy 19:17 26 Feb 2006

did you install software first ?

  terryf 22:46 26 Feb 2006

Before I got my DG834 router with built in firewall my windows firewall had MSN messenger set as an exception, if using Xp firewall check this

  jocy562 05:56 30 Dec 2008

Hey. When I use my webcam for msn a while ago when i bought it looked all good like just fine. But now since the last few days i look all blueish and stuff whenever i turn th webcam on i tried to fix it and stuff and it just doesnt seem to work =/ what can i do? please help.Thanx

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