Webcam problem

  thumbscrew 16:55 01 Nov 2009

I've just bought a webcam and it seems to be installed correctly,ergo I have my face on screen. I've just tried to use it via Skype, to converse with my daughter in Dubai. Sound was perfect, however I could see her but she didn't get my picture at her end. I clicked on "Send video" etc, but just got an on screen error display. Can anyone help please?

  FreeCell 17:30 01 Nov 2009

Skype like to have complete control of the webcam so had you closed any other programs that may have been running that use it?

  Technotiger 17:37 01 Nov 2009

What was the error?

  Technotiger 17:42 01 Nov 2009

When you said 'you have your face on screen - was that through using the Skype Tools>Options>Video Settings ? and if so, did you click on Save?

  thumbscrew 23:55 01 Nov 2009

Thanks FreeCell, yes nothing else running. Thanks Technotiger...just said error in the box. I've never clicked on Tools>Options>Video Settings, or Save, is that something I should have done to send my image>

  scarylee 00:38 02 Nov 2009

Have you tried re-booting? and then sign in and call your daughter again. This sometimes resets the webcam.

  thumbscrew 00:40 02 Nov 2009

Cheers scarylee, tried that...still nothing her end.

  Technotiger 09:04 02 Nov 2009

Yes, you do need to go to Tools>Options>Video Settings in Skype.

In Video Options make sure that your particular Webcam is shown, and that you can see your own picture. Then click on Save at the bottom of that window and OK out.

Having done that, when in a Conversation you must also click on Start Video.

  Technotiger 09:20 02 Nov 2009

While in Tools>Options it would be a good idea to look through all the Options to make sure that Skype is set-up to suit your own preferences.

For instance, in General settings there are various items you can set to your own choice, and in Video settings click on the 'circles' to select your own choices, before clicking on Save!

Go through all the Options listed and when done on each 'page' click on Save - though it is a bit of a bind to then have to go to Tools>Options each time, it does not take long.

  thumbscrew 10:02 02 Nov 2009

Many thanks Technotiger, I'll certainly follow your instructions on my next attempt and report back.

  thumbscrew 10:05 02 Nov 2009

Ok just tried tools options etc and my picture doesn't show...just a blank screen with "Unknown error" listed.

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