Webcam help needed - please

  BrianW 12:10 21 Dec 2003

this is urgent as am trying to set up a webcam link with my son for my grand daughters birthday - today. Without the link we won't be able to see her.

Both ends have a logitech zoom webcam

Both are on XP

both have Zone Alarm as firewall

I am on NTL broadband, my son on an ISDN dial up

Yahoo messenger seems to be nearest to completing the link (we've tried windows messenger and MSN messenger as well)

I can see and hear my son but he can only see me

If I try to enable voice contact I get the message that I was unable to connect with the voice server and it disconnects me (and apparently my son)

I have tried Yahoo help, who have reponded rapidly and indicate it may be a firewall problem but when I test my voice link using the Yahoo voice setup it tells me it is successfully connecting with the server?

Does anyone have any clues how to help me connect a sad grandmother and grand daughter - Please?

I am reasonably PC literate but a dummy about networks.

TIA, Brian

Oh yes - NTL say it is nothing to do with them!

  LastChip 12:13 21 Dec 2003

ZA is stopping the link.

I've had it myself and the only answer is to temporarily disable ZA.

As soon as you have finished the link, re-enable ZA.

  woody 12:13 21 Dec 2003

Try it without your firewall.

  johnnyrocker 12:19 21 Dec 2003

tell the other party to alter his options/preferences to no firewall that should work ok.


  BrianW 12:34 21 Dec 2003

I will try it when it is time to connect

Does anyone know of a site on which I can test my connection in advance? I wondered if there was a facility somewhere for setting up a webcam link to test out the connection?


  steve0 13:19 21 Dec 2003

In Yahoo messenger - go to a chat room and activate your webcam - someone will most likely ask for your permisssion to view. If you see your webcam saying the no of people viewing you know it is working.

  BrianW 16:16 21 Dec 2003

I think your good advice has solved my problems. Link with grand-daughter it later this evening, so I will keep this open until that is successful.


  BrianW 19:42 21 Dec 2003

thanks all, it worked

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