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  23790954 17:48 26 Feb 2007

A week or two ago I installed a Microsoft 1100 Webcam into my daughter-in-laws computer system, so that she talk to her sister who lives in Germany. The webcam fits into the system by a single USB port. When we attempt to contact her sister in Germany, her sister can see us, we can see and hear her, but she cannot hear us.
After my last post on this subject, for which I thank the people who replied, I have checked the audio settings to make sure that they are on the webcam. The audio setting are on the webcam but we still cannot get the sister in Germany to hear us. When testing the audio devices in the settings, it shows that microphone is operating correctly as is receiver. However we still cannot get her sister to hear us over the webcam.
Please help an elderly gentleman to solve this problem, and many thanks to all who reply. ALSO is there any websites on this subject, and where we could log onto to test the webcam.

  Diversion 18:20 26 Feb 2007

You don't mention anything about bandwidth, if on dial up the recipient in Germany will only receive audio or video. If on broadband the recipient should accept both audio and video when they are asked if they wish to make contact to receive video press accept, then they should be asked if they want to receive audio too; press accept.

  skidzy 18:35 26 Feb 2007

One thing to ask the sister in Germany is...does she have any other sound issues.

Cd's play ok etc....

And if using msn,what version does the have installed,maybe its time for an upgrade if not done so already.

Apologies if im repeating other previous replies,im
afraid i havnt seen the other threads.

  23790954 21:19 26 Feb 2007

My daughter-in-law is on 8mbyte broadband.
Also when we attempted to make contact with her sister in Germany, and she could not hear us, her sister said that she had a webcam chat with another of her friends two days ago, and she could hear them o.k. Thanks Diversion and Skidzy for your suggestions.

  TequilaSunrise 21:28 26 Feb 2007

what program are they using to chat to one another?

  skidzy 21:31 26 Feb 2007

Just a guess im afraid,just maybe its a damaged or missing audio codec. Try the codec pack click here

  23790954 22:10 26 Feb 2007

Unholyangel,We were using Windows messenger to attempt the chat but without success with the audio. I have tried uninstalling the webcam and reinstalling it into a different USB port which makes no difference. The thing I find puzzling is that her sister said, via telephone, that she had used her pc system to chat to other friends via her webcam, within the last few days, without any problem. When I installed the programme Zone alarm firewall did go through the normal procedure of checking to make sure I wanted to allow access to all parts of the webcam etc.
Many thanks to all of you who have tried to help me, it is much appreciated.

  TequilaSunrise 22:22 26 Feb 2007

have you tried turning the microphone up? and make sure the correct microphone is selected (with mine i get 2 options, the one intergrated with the webcam or the one on my headset). also on the conversation window, to the right of the display pictures there are volumes slides. one for sound (from the person speaking to you) and the other for microphone (beside your own picture) make sure both these are not up and ask her sister to check this also.

another option is that the microphone is muted in sound options. if you go to the system tray, click on the speaker (lil gray thing) go to properties and make sure microphone has a tick in the box next to it. next check the microphone volume and make sure the box named mute underneath the volume slide is not ticked.

if you need any other help let me know, or if you want to test it out to make sure it works let me know and i'll give you my email address and talk you through it.

  Diversion 01:28 27 Feb 2007

It maybe Z/A that's causing the problem, go into Z/A's program control and make sure that all the boxes are ticked and that the program has unrestricted access to the internet with either the III icon or it was IIII I can't remember, because I had the same problem with Zone Alarm not asking for certain program for internet access. I was using MSN v7.5 Messenger at the time and still do; Zone Alarm is one of the best firewalls that you can get. I used Z/A for years and had no problems apart from time to time it seemed to ignore some programs and not list others, but there is a feature were you can add or delete programs that are no longer on the computer. The only reason I changed is that the grandchildren were visiting all their school friends’ websites and the antivirus was not coping with all the infections that were on these sites, so I had to buy the Panda Platinum Internet Security system. Which turned out to be a great deal better and 3 licences included in the package, I can install it on my spare computer and my grandchildren’s too. You may also try to download the latest drivers from the Microsoft website, althought I would have thought they would be included in the Windows updates with it being a Microsoft webcam.

  Stuartli 01:51 27 Feb 2007

If you are using Skype, strange though it may sound, you have to Mute the mike on both sound and recording sections from the Volume control.

It puzzled me originally but, as it works, I'm not complaining.

  jolorna 10:34 27 Feb 2007

is everybody using the same version of messenger as it works for other friends

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