Webcam as door monitor

  trispen911 08:56 17 Nov 2006

Hi everybody

We're quite isolated and my partner sometimes gets concerned about opening the door to callers when on her own. She spends a lot of time on the PC and I was vaguely considering setting up a webcam to monitor the door so she can see on the PC what's happening if the bell goes.

Does anyone know if this is possible (please forgive my ignorance)and easy to achieve? One thing I thought of was that it'd be necessary to extend the camera cable - would that cause any problems?

This ignoramus would welcome anything anyone could suggest - thank you very much.


  ICF 09:34 17 Nov 2006

A few articles for you hope they help

click here

click here

click here

  mole44 14:13 17 Nov 2006

you can use your webcam to monitor the door,most webcams come with software that lets you just have an area that you want to monitor highlighted.i use mine to monitor our road as we have lorries comming up before 0630 (thats when they should start).it monitors whilst i keep the duvet warm.

  trispen911 16:26 17 Nov 2006

Thanks, friends, that's given me food for thought.

Does anyone know if extending a usb cable would degrade the picture (I'd need to do this to site the camera)?

  amonra 17:00 17 Nov 2006

Lengthening the lead WILL degrade the picture but it depends on how far. It's a case of "suck-it-and-see", try adding a length and see what the picture is like.The quality of webcams is not briliant to begin with so good luck.

  lotvic 20:09 17 Nov 2006

What a good idea.. I've got a diddy little freebie camera that I once set up as a webcam (to take some pics of me at my pc - I was fair tickled to watch myself on my pc!) I am now going dig it out again and set it up to watch the door as I don't always hear the bell and I'm expecting a parcel delivery.

Thanks for the idea

  trispen911 07:22 18 Nov 2006

Thnaks all - it's only because I'm too tight to splash out on a proper CCTV system! I thought I'd give it a go and see...

I appreciate everyone's input - this is a wonderful forum, now I've found it I'm sure to be back.


  lotvic 01:40 19 Nov 2006

I've now got a 2 inch square live pic of myself sat in the corner of my pc monitor. I can wave to it and it waves back.... (little things amuse...)
I altered the frame rate to 60.00 fps and it's quite good.

I need a longer cable for watching door.
Found out the limit is 5 mtr extension for USB but you can get a powered lead extension that will allow longer so if I get one of those I'll be able to do it okay.

(I just went on and put USB extension cable in the search box. (A male to A female) [not the B - that's for printers]

  trispen911 08:37 19 Nov 2006

Hi lotvic

You've just answered a couple of questions I was about to research - thanks.

Not sure I'd like to be looking at a picture of me, at least not first thing in the morning!

Now I'm off hunting the necessary, oh well, PC World here I come . . .


  trispen911 16:23 23 Nov 2006

Hi all,

Just thought I'd mention, if anyone's still around, got the cheapo webcam and an active lead working a treat. Now herself can see what's going on outside before going to the door (at least when she's on the PC). Quality's not outstanding, but surprisingly good considering the camera being used - I've seen a lot worse on pukka CCTV systems!

Thanks to all for your input.


  rezeeg 21:54 23 Nov 2006

Pleased to see you've been successful, I may now try it myself.

As you stated above that you're new to these forums can I remind you now to tick the 'resolved' box.

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