webcam at bottom of garden ?

  greybeard 12:31 13 Dec 2009

We have voles at the bottom of the garden, and would like to watch them from the house.
I've got a laptop running xp home, a usb webcam plus software to run it.
The site, a greenhouse, has mains supply, and is 35metres from the house.
I assume using a lan cable will be better/simpler and cheaper than a usb plus "repeaters".
Any help in describing what else I would need and the set up that would keep the cost to a minimum, would be apreciated.

  mgmcc 12:47 13 Dec 2009

If the webcam is USB, it will need to be connected to a computer's USB port. I don't think there is much you can do with ethernet cable unless you can lay your hands on an old computer, install that in the greenhouse and network it with the computer in the house.

  Fingees 13:08 13 Dec 2009

Why not use a cctv camera.

Far easier.

click here

  woodchip 13:09 13 Dec 2009

With USB I think you are limited to about 12feet long cable

  DieSse 15:14 13 Dec 2009

I agree with Fingees - a proper CCTV solution is much better.

Webcams tend to have a very shallow depth of view, so it'll be difficult to keep very much in focus, too.

  woodchip 15:15 13 Dec 2009

This is what you want Wireless Night camera click here

  greybeard 20:24 14 Dec 2009

Thanks all.
I wish to go with the usb webcam - no funds for cctv.
I've got an elderly laptop that I can install the cam to, so I can run a lan cable up from the greenhouse.

Do I just set up a completly new lan network, plug in and go ?
Surely it can't be that easy.
Do I need the camera software installed on both laptops ?
Do I need the equivalent of "printer sharing" set up ?
Sorry to be so dumb, but all kinds of networks give me problems for some reason :(

  woody 00:55 15 Dec 2009

Its my price but what's the pic like?

  woodchip 13:55 15 Dec 2009

Woody No IDEA I use other Types of Wireless cameras. I have one that as built in Floodlight that rotates to follow movment with Camera

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