paybarforme 14:53 25 Dec 2007

iv'e just got a new webcam but we can't here any sound, picture ok but when we do a video recording and save it, no sound coming through, do i need to change anything in the audio properties or not, it's a Mikomi ap-7121, using xp home, cheers

  ambra4 15:18 25 Dec 2007

This web cam does not have a microphone build in to it

You need to get a stand-alone microphone, which you plug into the microphone pink socket at the back of the computer, or the front if there is a front microphone input

You will also need to adjust the microphone setting via the audio setting in the control panel

  paybarforme 15:32 25 Dec 2007

it has a built in mic and zoom it says on the box, we did a recording using sound recorder and that worked, but not the other way

  Quiet Life 18:44 25 Dec 2007

Most of the video recording software automatically selects line in as the mic.
When you open the software it should let you configure what camera, mic are being used and make sure the mic. it is set to USB Mikomi.

  Stuartli 20:36 25 Dec 2007

Normally you should install the software and drivers first and connect a USB device afterwards or when advised to do so during installation.

  Stuartli 20:40 25 Dec 2007

Also check that Mike is configured from Volume icon (Taskbar). Double click the icon and select Options>Properties>check both Playback and Recording sections have the Mike box ticked.

On returning to the Volume panel ensure that Mike is not Disabled or Muted.

It's also worth checking from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices that your onboard sound or sound card is the Default device and that on the General tab the Mute box is not ticked.

  The F1 Help Key 10:17 26 Dec 2007

May be your firewall have block some function of your software.

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