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  Spock1958 18:02 27 Sep 2007

A question for anyone who knows about location of internet servers etc. I use Google Analytics to help me to identify the location of visitors to my web site. Over any given period, the analysis suggests that around one quarter of all visitors to my site are located in London. I see this as highly unlikely, as all the search engine optimisation I have added will lead to people who put Lancashire or Wigan into Google. Add to this the third party sites I am registered with that locate me as being in the North West, and that I don't look for national business, it seems unlikely that many people outside Lancashire would see my site other than by accident.

The analysis also shows that the amount of time spent on my site by people supposedly located in London is higher than average, which would also seem strange seeing as I would expect them to leave the site if it doesn't appear relevant.

Can anyone offer any explanations?

  HighTower 18:49 27 Sep 2007

Is London maybe the location of the ISP that the visitor is using?

  Spock1958 19:06 27 Sep 2007

I don't know how it works, hence the question. I get around 8% of my hits from Wigan, which I'm certain is not the location of any ISPs, so this would suggest that there is some geographical factor which pinpoints the location of the user.

  mco 19:12 27 Sep 2007

about any stats which give the locations. For instance, I get some AOL ones that say USA when I know for a fact they are AOL people in the UK. My own computer comes up as Southport when I'm in Preston. I'd agree with High Tower regarding the frequency of people from London and ISP's

  Forum Editor 19:19 27 Sep 2007

any body can tell you where your site visitors are located. IP addresses are logged by all web servers, and they can tell you where a visitor's ISP is located.

Server software can also give information about what are called 'referrers'. If I visit your site from a link on another site, then that site is the referrer, and the software will log the fact.

If a visitor comes to you with an IP address that's allocated by a London-based ISP then the software may tell you that visitor was in London, even if he/she was actually in Coventry.

Google ignores metatags when listing sites, and nowasays there's little point in using them.

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