Web Studio 4.0 Web Design Software

  Solartopi 13:29 10 Feb 2007

Hi all,

I have been reading the adverts of this web software. Has any one used it before. I would appreciate your feedbacks & opinions on Web Studio 40. It looks interesting but before I make a choice can any one throw their opinions on it.



  RicScott 20:20 16 Feb 2007

Download the 30 day trial and see if you get on with the Software first, that way you can make your own mind up on it..After all, it's you who will be using it..

click here

  Solartopi 21:25 16 Feb 2007


Thanks. You're right. Good idea. I'll give it a good try.


  Carol Sco 07:50 26 Feb 2007

Have been using it since version one and love it!
You can put together a half decent site very quickly with little effort and the newer versions make it very easy to import flash/mp3's/downloads any type of content. you have the ability to add and edit the html which makes it versatile or for the complete beginner just use the drag and drop. the ftp is built in so that is one less thing to worry about.
I would download the trail version and have a look on the forums for the software, plenty of ideas and links to sites built using it there gives you an idea of what it's capable of.
This is my site built with it click here

  Solartopi 14:26 26 Feb 2007

Carol Sco,


I like your site. Very easy to travel through your lovely site. It's plain & simple. Gives one joy to continue wandering through your site.

I have a lot of relatives in Glasgow too. I know Scotland is beautiful.


  Carol Sco 15:42 26 Feb 2007

Thank you! How are you getting on with the trail software?

  Solartopi 17:37 26 Feb 2007

Carol Sco,

I have started my website with FrontPage Express. Will I be able to transfer from there to the Trial Software. I will down load shortly now that I know someone uses it & how it looks.


  Carol Sco 11:36 27 Feb 2007

Yes you will be able to cut and paste the txt and just drag the pictures (if any) over to the new site in Web Studio

  Solartopi 11:47 27 Feb 2007

Carol Sco,

Thanks very much for your help & guidance.


  Solartopi 18:31 02 Mar 2007

Hi All,

Thanks for all your Help!!


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