Web space with its own unique IP address

  Mr. Chips 12:21 04 Jun 2004

Can anyone advise me where I can get some web-space with its own unique IP address included as a part of the package costs.


Mr. Chips.

  Mr. Chips 20:56 04 Jun 2004

I belive that the chances with search engines .... indexers are improved when having an unique IP address.

Do you know whether this statement is true?


Mr. Chips

  Forum Editor 23:05 04 Jun 2004

it's the server that has that. IP addresses are allocated to computers on a network (all networks) and in simple terms the internet is just a huge network. Each computer that connects to the net via an ISP is allocated a dynamic IP address for that session, although you can usually obtain a fixed IP address for your computer if you want one - by paying an extra fee to your ISP.

Web servers are computers too, but they're online 24 hours a day, and so they all have fixed addresses. When you host a site with a hosting company you'll be allocated space on a server along with many other customers. If you want your site to be reachable via a fixed IP you'll need to run your own server.

  Forum Editor 10:10 05 Jun 2004

to make myself clear............The IP address you get from your host company is a shared one. The rate at which the total number of sites on the internet is growing means that there simply wouldn't be enough IP numbers for all sites to be located on their own fixed IP address - so hosting servers operate shared numbers. Each web server has its own static IP address, as I said earlier. In 1999 the IP allocation authority dictated that web hosts must operate on the basis of assigning shared IP addresses, and if they don't agree to comply they'll find they don't get allocated any numbers. Web sites are almost always addressed by their text based urls anyway.

If you have a valid reason for wanting your site to be referenced by a fixed IP address you can apply to your host, but you'll need to convince them - a common reason is that you need to run your own security certificate (SSL) instead of the shared certificate that most hosts will offer.

The jury is still out on this question of whether a fixed IP address is more favoured by search engines - I've got client sites on both fixed and shared IP numbers and I've not been able to see any difference at all in the way that the sites are indexed by the engines.

Sorry if my earlier post confused the issue.

  Mr. Chips 13:26 05 Jun 2004

Thank you

I am very impressed with the amount of information I have gleaned from your postings. It has been very usefuil for me.

Thank you all again.

I shall take the advice given.



  Forum Editor 13:58 05 Jun 2004

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