Web sites, including PCA, have lost all their formatting

  stlucia2 10:40 12 Apr 2012

After running several anti-virus type softwares (Spybot S&D, Anti Rootkit, Malawarebytes, etc.) to clean my PC after something sent emails from my account to addresses in my address book, I then finally ran CCleaner to delete all temporary files.

I've carried out all these tasks before, without any problem, but today I find that most internet pages, including this one, are missing all their formatting. The content seems to be all there -- for instance I was able to log in here, and I've found the Start a New Subject facility -- but there are no backgrounds, all text looks like Courier, there's no boxes, and everything just displays as if it's in a list.

Seems like some piece of graphics software has got deleted, or disabled, unintentionally. Any idea what it may be, please?

  rdave13 10:59 12 Apr 2012

If IE try going to internet options- advanced tab and use the restore advanced settings.

  stlucia2 11:03 12 Apr 2012

Forgot to mention the essentials -- I'm using Windows XP with all updates, and Firefox 11.0 is my browser.

Following another link I found with Google, Ctrl + F5 corrects the problem, but I have to do that for each new page I move to. My View > Page Styling is already set to Basic Page Style, and toggling back and forth between No Style and Basic Page Style doesn't correct it.

Lastly, I've realised too that it doesn't happen with all web sites. Some examples where it does happen are this site, the FT site, RCGroups site, and Helifreak site.

  rdave13 11:12 12 Apr 2012

It's suggested here to get a new theme for fire fox, http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/817986#answer-293565

  stlucia2 11:41 12 Apr 2012

Thanks for that link, rdave13. Only problem I have now is figuring out what a "theme" is ... I suspect they're talking about what is called "Personas" in my version of Firefox. I'll try a new "persona", and then revert to my default one, and see if that cures it.

Since my first couple of posts, I'm noticing that pages for which I've used CTRL + F5 seem to come back okay when I revisit them.

  stlucia2 11:45 12 Apr 2012

Oh, why isn't there an "edit" function for posts here???

I've just tried a new "persona" with my Firefox, and it hasn't cured the problem.

  rdave13 11:47 12 Apr 2012

Themes. Although if the web pages reset permanently after using the CTRL+F5, I'm not sure if it's worth changing the theme then reverting to default.

  stlucia2 12:29 12 Apr 2012

I think you're right, rdave13. It crossed my mind too ... it won't be long before everything's working okay because I'll have CTRL + F5'd all I regularly use.

I see that in Firefox CTRL+F5 is to "Reload (override cache)". One of the my settings on CCleaner is to delete the Firefox Internet Cache, so maybe I'm now building a new cache whenever I use CTRL + F5 on a site?

  stlucia2 20:49 12 Apr 2012

Hmmm ... it's not so simple. Powered down my PC for the afternoon. When I powered up again most sites that I'd already used CTRL + F5 on were working okay, but not PCA. And some others required another CTRL + F5 if I wanted to enter any data, even though their main screens displayed okay.

  stlucia2 08:35 13 Apr 2012

It took only a couple of minutes to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. That seemed simpler than trying to fix the existing installation. And it seems to have cured the problem.

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