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  dobbin 11:28 03 Jun 2009

I have been looking through the statistics for my web site for last month. In the section where referring sites are listed the sites we advertise on and with which we have reciprocal links are listed as expected, but there are a large number gambling sites and porn sites listed none of which I have ever visited or even heard of.

How can this occur and is there anyway I can put a stop to it?

  ashleycardwell94 01:35 09 Sep 2009

lets use ebay for an example. say that you buy advertising, with ebay you an refresh the page and you get a different advert, it is all done by code, so when you load the page it loads the add, you might have bought advertising, but i can t understand about the gambling or porn sites, unless you have bought advertising. you could also email the webmasters of the reffering urls and ask them WTF is going on!

  Ansolan 23:54 11 Sep 2009


May not be the case at all but the pattern you describe can be an indication that your site has been hacked. Certainly worth a thorough check in that direction.

There are equally other explanations, you should check your server logs in case any of these sites are hotlinking to images/other media. Also possible the links have appeared for non damaging reasons, this can happen.

Without knowing the site, no way to be clearer but you should investigate further.

  cycoze 17:34 15 Sep 2009

More likely to be referral spam, seems to be happening more and more, site sends out a bot to visit your site, that then leaves a name/link back to their scum site, other search engines come along and read you're stats/referral page (this should not be open to bots or the public) then see scum site is linked to thousands of sites and gets better rankings.

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