Web Site Security?

  User-1BD6D3E1-0CC3-49F6-BF40FF97E4E996B4 02:53 31 Jan 2004

Can web sites be secure if they don't display the padlock icon?

I have always read that for a web site to be secure there should be a padlock at the bottom
of I.E. but the particular web site I want to make a purchase from, mycokemusic.com does not have a padlock, although the properties say it's secure, what gives?

  Big Elf 10:46 31 Jan 2004

I'd be wary if it didn't have the icon. I've just had a look at the site, once you get past the enter page the web address looks somewhat unusual. Also the only contact info I can find is a web mail form. No sign of an address or phone number. Whilst it may be legitimate anyone can copy a few logos and I'd expect Coca Cola to be a bit more professional if it is their site.

  Big Elf 11:02 31 Jan 2004

I've emailed Coca Cola press office to ask whether it's one of their sites.

Let's hope you here from them soon.

Perhaps they will sort the web site out so not only does it have a padlock but also has a
https:// and not just http://

Don't know why the properties comes up with the site being secure.

  Big Elf 21:00 01 Feb 2004

No answer so far but I have my doubts whether it's a legitimate offshoot of Coca Cola. When doing a search on the address that comes up after you enter the site it was frequently included on sites giving locations for dodgy music downloads. Not that this site necessarily is but it doesn't look right to me.

  powerless 21:12 01 Feb 2004

Does this appear in the address bar:


  Chegs ® 21:14 01 Feb 2004

click here I used Opera browser and as it upset my browser,I tried IE,checked the sites URL wasn't Obfuscated,and then had a listen to a sample of Kylie.Then had a look round,its likely that Coca-cola will not have allowed their brandname to be used,but then Kylie finished and I came back here.I wouldn't trust them either.I agree with Big Elf.

  Big Elf 21:22 01 Feb 2004

I forgot to say also that when I went to the Coca Cola site in the USA I couldn't find mention of the site as being one of their brands.

  Big Elf 20:00 02 Feb 2004

The question I asked was

"Is click here one of your websites. The URL once on the site doesn't look the type that a professional company would use"

The answer was

"Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company, Mr. SRW. We appreciate your interest in our
Company. You have reached the world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

You may wish to contact the Company division office in England with your comments. They can be
reached at the following address and telephone number:

Coca-Cola Great Britain
Charter Place
Vine Street
Uxbridge UB8 1ST
Tel: (44) 1895 23 13 13

We appreciate your interest in our Company and hope this information is helpful. If you have
additional questions or comments, please visit our Web site again.

The Coca-Cola Company
Industry and Consumer Affairs"

I could have phrased the question better I suppose, but still no answer unless you'd like to give them a ring.

  Big Elf 20:08 02 Feb 2004

I've just visited the www .cocacola.co.uk site which appears to be the legitmate UK website and there's a link that takes you to mycokemusic com so despite the curious URL it looks OK.

  Gaz 25 20:17 02 Feb 2004

Strange: http:// sib1.od2 .com/

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