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  Dabler 10:24 04 Jan 2004

My duaghter has had a web site for some time on which she displays her artwork. She then decided to add a payment link to the site ( PayPal ) and as the link was displayed she left it to await enquiries. However, it seems as though her site has been blocked, apparently by PayPal as it is now classes it as a commercial site. Any thoughts please.

  MichelleC 10:57 04 Jan 2004

How have PP blocked it, as it's in their own interests to keep it going to get the revenue from her sales? PP regard all their linked sites as commercial.

  Forum Editor 12:04 04 Jan 2004

and in any case commercial sites are what PayPal is all about - that's how they make their money, as MichelleC says.

Perhaps you could provide us with more information - exactly what do you mean when you say the site has been 'blocked'? Are you saying that it's no longer on the Internet?

  Forum Editor 13:23 04 Jan 2004

as follows:-

"If you go to the following site it may help.

click here

We are unsure as to the cause as Blueyonder do not seem to have a solution saying that as far as they can se, the site should be working. The only changing factor has been the addition of a PayPal link on the site.We were then notified by a friend that the site was no longer available, hence the query."

The error code that's produced (403) means that the server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. The reason for this isn't apparent, and a 403 code is inflexible, it doesn't mean a password is required, or anything like that. The usual reason for a 403 error is that there's something wrong with the site, and the server can't make sense of the directories.

The normal way for a PayPal 'Pay now' button to be added to a site is for some HTML (generated by PayPal on their secure server) to be pasted into your code. I assume that your daughter did this, and that she hasn't altered the site structure in any other way?

Please post any response in this thread - rather than emailing me with it, that way, everyone gets to follow the problem through to its (hopefully) satisfactory conclusion.

  Hrosir 13:55 04 Jan 2004

I have resolved the web site code 43, apparently we added a commercial link to a personal web site, thus we were disconnected for abuse!Now, can anyone help by suggesting where I can find a web site that will allow my daughter to create her site and add the PayPal link without unitentionally breaching the rules. Thankyou

  Forum Editor 14:17 04 Jan 2004

so you may not get much attention now. Added to that you suddenly seem to be appearing with a different username - I'm not sure why? It makes things a little confusing for us.

Many free webspace providers don't allow commercial sites because of the danger of excessive bandwidth consumption. If your daughter is serious about running an online sales site she would be well advised to have the site properly hosted on its own domain name. Take a look at
click here

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