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  Foolsbane_1 15:34 11 Jan 2004

Having just completed a project due to come online next week, I took a little time to re-design one of my own web sites. It is not quite finished but, as ever, your comments and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.

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  Pesala 17:29 11 Jan 2004

The floating menu moves when you move the mouse, most of the screen area is wasted with the relevant text in a small box in the middle. I don't know if the Donate popup is part of the design, but I cannot imagine anything more irritating.

Sorry not to have anything good to say, but I wouldn't even be tempted to go past the first screen. Design for 800 x 600 and use all the space. I tried in Internet Explorer too, just in case it was a problem with Opera, but at least in Opera one can zoom in to be able to read the text.

  Forum Editor 17:53 11 Jan 2004

I've been here before - have I seen this site, or something like it in the past?

I hate it when I have to be negative, but you asked for comments, so here they are:-

1. The second I see a pop-up asking for 'a donation' I want to click away - it reminds me of those restaurants that say "Please pay whatever you think your meal was worth" - intensely annoying and (forgive me) a tad pretentious. If you have a product or service to sell, why not sell it?

2. There's no 'about us' page, nothing to say who you are or what you do - no statement of ethos if you like, and I came away feeling dissatisfied - there was nothing to engage with.

3. Pretty as it may be, the page is far too sparsely populated with information, and the Flash file takes too long to download. Many forum users know how I feel about Flash sites. Flash is fine - I use it myself - but in my opinion it needs to be used sparingly on any form of conmmercial site. A Flash logo, or a small animation is perfectly acceptable, but a totally Flash site is a pain to download, a pain to edit, and ends up looking set in stone as a result - they hardly change from month to month.

4. Ending on a positive note - I like the colours, I love the sparing use of fonts, and I can see you've thought carefully about design.

For me it's not a winner I'm afraid, it lacks vibrancy and is lacking in information (I know it's not finished). I hope all that doesn't come across as too harsh - it's a purely personal view, and I believe there's not much point in being mealy-mouthed about it.

  Foolsbane_1 18:14 11 Jan 2004

Thanks for the comments. I should have pointed out that I was experimenting with a few things here. The 'donate' pop-up, for example, was only put up to see if it was possible to make forms work in the pop-up window. I just happened to have the PayPal thing already, so used it. As you can see, it seems to work OK.

The 'about us' page is being prepared. The current index page is only temporary.

There is no Flash used in the site. This was something else I wanted to try. To see if I could make a Flash-like site using only animated gifs. It seems to be convincing enough for some people ;o). Download times are always a problem. But the site has yet to be optimised and there is still considerable scope for compressing the image/animation files.

The sparsity of information is also deliberate. I wanted to see just how 'minimalist' I could make the initial presentation, using various pop-ups to deliver further information as required. Unfortunately, as Persala has noted, the pop-ups are not working as I had intended. They should appear at a fixed location, just to the right of the 'screen', and stay there.

I'll figure it out. All part of the learning process.

  Forum Editor 18:30 11 Jan 2004

I didn't look at the code, but it certainly fooled me visually.

  PurplePenny 18:33 11 Jan 2004

Have to agree with the others I'm afraid. Why are you doing yourself an injustice with your own website? We already know that you do good work - you did the site that we all liked so much (the pub with the Gaelic slogan) so it seems a shame to sell yourself short.


  PurplePenny 18:38 11 Jan 2004

The menus didn't move around on my screen but they were partially over the central text area so that didn't work. (I'm using Moz. Firebird) I have pop-ups disabled so I didn't see any donation window.

I've just found your link to the pub site .... aha! ... so it *did* mean "a warm and friendly place" after all :-)


  PurplePenny 18:48 11 Jan 2004

Minimalist can certainly work - Horiz5's website springs instantly to mind.


  Foolsbane_1 18:57 11 Jan 2004

"The menus didn't move around on my screen ..."

I have fixed the menus so that they don't move around. But they are still not right. And I have removed the 'donate' pop-up. I really should have done that before I uploaded the site.

Glad you liked the pub site. I was initially misinformed about the translation of the slogan. I took it from some existing pub literature. Good lesson learned. Always double check such things!

  jgosden 16:26 12 Jan 2004

i have to be honest i don't like it either. The menu on the front is annoying and pointless, the page is wasted with a tiny bo when most of the page is annoying, do something simple, there is no need to overcomplicate things.

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