Web site , installed on h/d from cd

  wallbash 12:54 28 Dec 2005

I know I'm sad !

but after playing around with my Bridge site over Xmas
added seasonal themes , music and generally spiced it up

It was only meant to be viewed for a couple of weeks, but I would like a memento

So the question is, how can I burn a complete copy to
a cd disc , that would auto run when inserted into a computer

teleport ultra was suggested, and used

Have Auto menu Builder, but require help to 'marry ' the two up

OR any other ideas

Ps did not know which forum was the correct one, but am hoping some web builder has thought of an answer

  wallbash 15:27 28 Dec 2005

Getting there ( thanks)

Have to link first to a Htm file on saved site ( to open first page)

Wont tick yet , as hoping some one has already saved a web site !!

  wallbash 20:57 28 Dec 2005

Surprised have had so little response ( so far) apart from You John. Would have thought saving a web site which you have slaved over , you would want an easy way to retain.

Will tick tomorrow

  Taran 14:19 29 Dec 2005

I'd imagine you've had a low response due to people enjoying their Christmas break - time to post on the forums is often at a premium and people can only help when they have the free time to do so.

For a free/low cost option that works like a charm you'd be hard pressed to beat the shellexe.exe file from Whirly Wiry Web click here

It allows you to launch web pages (or anything else) from CD using a combination of autorun and the shellexe.exe file.

Full instruction are on the site and it really is a gem.

There are lots of alternatives available through a Google search but autorun on its own is often insufficient, which is where shellexe.exe and similar products come into their own.


  wallbash 14:32 29 Dec 2005

Thanks Taran , but xmas is passed ( dont feel I have to be polite to the extended family for another 365 days) Weather is gloomy (wallet empty) so Im back to sitting in front of the computer.

Your link is fine but have cleared the auto run hurdle , its now capturing a swf on disc, not just the web link ( but that will be anther posting thread)

Niavely thought that a working site on disc would be an asset!

Will now tick , but will post problem again outside a holiday period

  Taran 14:42 29 Dec 2005

Flash will run from CD, providing it lives in the web root folder.

Make sure all files that make up your website are in one root folder.

Provided the viewer of your site from CD ROM has the Flash plugin and agrees to the annoying Internet Explorer prompt about allowing risky content to run from CD ROM it will work, sometimes with a little lag.

The autorun file combined with the Shellexe.exe file I linked to above can launch almost anything (programs, Word files, PDF documents and HTML) so if Flash is part of your site and the files are in the correct location and your viewers agree to view the content it should work just fine.


  PurplePenny 19:26 29 Dec 2005

"xmas is passed"

No it isn't! It isn't over till 6th January.

  wallbash 15:03 30 Dec 2005

You have not met some of my family !

Boxing day is end of festival season and they depart

( to whoops of delight)

But in the outsde world Penny you are correct

Happy New Year

  peabody 11:18 31 Dec 2005

I created a FrontPage website especially for a CD which my golf club issues to the press for promotional/marketing purposes.

I simply copied the entire site to CD. You need the winopen utility to get autorun to work with an html file.

I can't remember where I got it but just ask if you want me to mail it to you and help you configure it.

It all works a treat!

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