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  steve263000 08:19 05 May 2006

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Above is the orginal post for the same problem. I am starting a new one because quite frankly I am lost, and I think those nice people at heart internet are as well.

I have a site at click here Originally, I wrote in because the site was not showing properly after the upload to Heart Internet. Now things have got a bit weird.

When I wrote to heart help line, they asked me to send in the upload logs, which I did. They then claimed that I had never uploaded to them at all, only to NTL. I know that I did, but still they are the experts.

After a lot of writing back and for, and trying to re-upload, they suggested that I try smartftp. This was tried yesterday, and guess what? That's right nothing at all has changed.

Now, I have uploaded this site via two FTP tranfer systems, I have tried to upload vis Front Page and failed, and nothing at all has changed. The site is stuck there, working, but unchangable. Has one of our experts out there got any clues at all because I am lost.

  splatter 23:26 05 May 2006

This may sound stupidly simple, but try clearing your browsers cache. That way it will force everything on the page to be loaded from the server (the updated files) and not from your HD (the older versions of files).

Sorry if that sounds simple, but it catches me out sometimes.

Another drastic measure is to delete ANY ONLINE files.


After all the ONLINE content is deleted, clear you cache (just to make sure) and then go to your website. With any look you should get either a white sceen, a directory listing or a 403 Forbidden Error (depending on how your web-server is configured)

If you get that then it means that all you ONLINE content has been deleted. Now, you just need to upload your web-pages to your webspace, goto your domain...and voila, it should hopefully work.

This method should really only be used as a last option because the potential for you to loose some or all of your work is high(ish).

Hope this at least helps a bit.


  steve263000 08:08 07 May 2006

Thank you Jay, but after this went in, I tried once more with the help of the heart team. I had stupidly loaded everything into the private folder instead of the public folder. Once that was sorted, all was fine. There are still a few minor niggles, but they can get sorted quickly enough.

  Forum Editor 17:23 07 May 2006

that you haven't enabled shared borders in your FrontPage web. This means that your navigation links don't appear on any pages other than your index page. People will quickly tire of having to use the back button in the browser.

  splatter 22:59 07 May 2006

Why do we always overlook minor little things like that? huh? Anyway, glad to hear you got it sorted.

How 'bout checking the resolved tick-box?

  steve263000 08:53 08 May 2006

FE and splatter, thank you for the replies. There is a home link on every page, and that is the Welsh flag. However I think that I should make that clearer to my visitors.

Splatter, you of course are correct, and that will be done today. If there are any more comments, then please send them in.

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