Web site found ----waiting for reply

  tonyx1302 17:50 22 Mar 2005

All of a sudden, after being connected to the Internet for a short time, if I want try and change to any different site I get the message 'Web site found-waiting for reply' in my task bar and nothing happens however long I wait and the new site never opens. In the end I have to reboot and try connecting again.
I have run my all my AV/A2 and Malware progs etc and there are no nasties shown.

XP Pro with B/B OneTel and have checked with them and they don't show any probs. I have also done a restore but the problem persists

Any suggestions please


  stalion 19:44 22 Mar 2005

try clearing your internet history and cache

  tonyx1302 20:04 22 Mar 2005

Thanks for you response but have cleared everything but the problem is still there. Any other ideas would be very welcome


  stalion 20:10 22 Mar 2005

What browser are you useing and have you thought about trying a different one?

  tonyx1302 20:23 22 Mar 2005

I use IE and have done so for two years or so.nd I am a bit of a 'simpleton' where computers are concerned so have stuck with the 'if it aint broke.............' so I really don't want to get into uncharted waters with another browser although many forum members seem to advocate them.
Surely there must be a logical reason why this has suddenly started happening ?

Thank stalion for you input. Can you suggest any other ideas?


  tonyx1302 20:31 22 Mar 2005

Could you also check out nifermac's post ( web pages hanging ) as we seem to be having the same problem


  stalion 20:35 22 Mar 2005

this may help click here

  JonnyTub 20:43 22 Mar 2005

This may or may not work

Go to start, run and type in CMD

From the command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns

(note the space between ipconfig and /flushdns)

Hit enter and ty again

  tonyx1302 21:07 22 Mar 2005

stalion... Thank you. I clicked on your suggestion (support MS.com and found one of my settings ( LCE ? )was not at auto so have corrected that and also and cleared Int.His. again even though I thought I had already done so, it still ran for 20+ secs.

JonnyTub. Thank you. I acted on your suggestion and have now rebooted. All seems a okay ! I don't know which has hopefully corrected the fault which only time will tell, but thinking positively, I will 'green tick' the problem.

Thanks very much to you both


  JonnyTub 21:08 22 Mar 2005

Your welcome

  rmorrison100 09:34 21 Mar 2011

thanks for the suggestions.

[url=click here]thanks[/url]

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