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  Hayrick 12:46 25 Jul 2006

Mesh Desktop running XP SP2 with D Link wireless Connected Ad Hoc to Compaq laptop running XP SP2. File and printer sharing work fine. The lap top automatically connects to the net via the Mesh and displays the connect icon It will receive Emails using Outlook Express. The problem occurs when I try to visit a web site. It starts to load and then stops and the message “Web site found. Waiting for a reply” appears. This never happens. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

  silverous 16:03 25 Jul 2006

Windows Firewall running on either of them and stopping this?

  Hayrick 16:20 25 Jul 2006

Thanks but turned both Windows firewalls off to test still waiting for a reply. Both back on now.

  Wak 16:30 25 Jul 2006

Is it possible that the laptop is giving out the wrong address and the reply from the web site is going to the Mesh desktop??
Just a thought!!

  silverous 16:46 25 Jul 2006

What Wak says may be closer to the issue. Do you have a router or is your Mesg connected via a USB modem or something?

Basically when you request a web page it goes off to the Desktop which then gets the web page back but may be thinking the page is destined for itself. Usually you would have a 'router' which both are using and it does 'NAT' (network address translation) to handle this. I'm guessing you don't have a broadband wireless router in the mix somewhere.

This site talks about some similar situations:

click here
(See "Can two wireless computers share a single Internet connection?")

Are you using "internet connection sharing" ?


click here

  Hayrick 17:24 25 Jul 2006

The computers are Ad Hoc connected. This worked perfectly until the desktop refused to start. Thorough cleaning resolved the start up problem but left me wiyh the present one. I use anadsl modem 2.2mbps connected to the desktop. Attempting to visit a site on the laptop does not appear to produce any reaction from the host

  p;3 18:29 25 Jul 2006

of interest, which web site are you trying to find; and can you give a link to it assuming it is a safe site

  silverous 18:54 25 Jul 2006

I suspect it is *any* website p3.

Did you read the sharing doc ?

What do you mean by thorough cleaning?

  Hayrick 11:02 26 Jul 2006

The engineer said that he removed all cards including the MB. Removed processor heatsink and fan. cleaned all contacts and replaced everything. switched on and it loaded normally. Yesterday I plugged the modem into the laptop and updated Windows and Norton themachine finding sites at the normal speed.There is just something odd that is preventing the laptop using sites via the desktop. It's annoying but as long as the file and printer sharing works I can manage. One day the solution might occur to me. Thanks for the help.

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