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  mikedav 10:36 08 Aug 2005

Hi all,

I have designed a web site - imply affair. However, the font I have chosen does not display when I look at the site on another PC.

Is there a way of keeping the font with the site/page, so it can be vieed on any PC correctly.


  Eric10 12:49 08 Aug 2005

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  ade.h 15:58 08 Aug 2005

What web design application are you using? Are you using HTML or CSS for your text formatting?

  mikedav 18:53 08 Aug 2005

I'm using Frontpage 2003.

  Forum Editor 00:27 09 Aug 2005

is that the font you've chosen isn't installed on the other computer.

A browser will only display fonts that are in the Windows fonts folder on that particular machine, and if you want everyone to see the site exactly as you designed it you'll need to use one of the commonly-used 'core' fonts, like Times New Roman, Georgia, Tahoma, arial or my personal favourite - Verdana. There are others as well.

If you have a special heading, or a banner in which you want to use a special font you would be best advised to create it as a graphic (JPEG or GIF for instance), rather than specifying the font in your site code, or in a style sheet. That way, everyone will see it as you intended.

You can embed fonts in a page, but it gets tricky with different browsers requiring different embedding techniques, plus the fact that visitors have to download the font as well as your page, and that increases page loading time. My advice is to change to a web-safe font and/or create graphics.

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