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  PurplePenny 19:57 07 Sep 2005

A friend of my brother's has just made herself a website to promote herself (she's a singer).

Of course she wants some opinions on it so I'm throwing it out for you good people to make comments.

click here

  timeteam2004 20:55 07 Sep 2005

Site is too plain. Needed are a better navigation structure, a link in the e-mail to open the viewers mail prog instead of sending them off site to Wannadoo??? The pictures section. All pictures send you back to homex.html but they should be linked to larger pictures. I got bored very quickly having to come back in from the main page.This site looks as if it were thrown together in 5 minutes. A lady of the talent implied should not rely on something so basic.My humble opinion as given.

  phil 21:08 07 Sep 2005

That's Cilla off Corrie!

  Eric10 23:13 07 Sep 2005

I agree with all timeteam2004 has said and in addition the navigation links don't appear at all in Opera 8.0.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:28 07 Sep 2005

but it definately needs a lot of work. Sorry.

  Forum Editor 00:41 08 Sep 2005

but I believe people would prefer to have an honest opinion, rather than "what a great site, well done".

As a promotional tool/selling aid the site does very little, and is badly in need of some hard work. People who look for female vocal acts need to know certain things before anything else:-

1. Location - where is the performer based, and will she travel?

2. Images - what does she look like?

3. Repertoire - style and scope.

4. Past performances - a little about previous bookings/venues

All of that should be addressed in clear, concise terms - preferably on the homepage. Inner site pages can expand on the facts and figures, but the homepage is the shop window, and should contain the basic facts - plus a really good image.

I'm going out on a limb to some extent here, but I've read the 'about me' page, and I'm intrigued - Xanna has certainly enjoyed an extraordinary life. I have no doubt that every word is true, but for the record it may be worth making a point about descriptions for the benefit of others.

If you set out to sell yourself as a performer it's essential to ensure that you do not make any claims that aren't 100% accurate. If you claim that you performed before "all the royal heads of Europe" it must be true, or you could find yourself facing a misrepresentation action in court. Bookers can sue if you gild the lily where facts are concerned, so be warned.

Otherwise, the usual comments about site design apply:-

Pay attention to fonts (don't mix too many styles and colours)

Images (particularly important in this context - make sure they're really high quality, and don't drag them to size in your design software; configure the image size before you place it on the page).

Text - keep the text blocks small and concise, no essays.

Contact details - make sure that people know the various ways in which they can contact you, and have an email address that looks professional - [email protected] does not.

Navigation - keep it simple, and keep it on every page, don't maroon people on an image page.

Finally........that homepage.

A golden rule with quotations is to make them accurate - William Congreve said: "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."

He didn't mention savage beasts, and nor should you. Many people make the same mistake, so don't feel bad about it - I should correct it though.

  IClaudio 09:43 08 Sep 2005

... maybe after the recent police operations in Worthing when they moved on young layabouts with the aid of Classic FM, maybe 'savage beast' is the better quote! And if 'beast' prompts a picture of Xanna's pet, maybe we're better off anyway without the 'breast' :)

A couple of small points about the site:

For a spam-free future, the e-mail links should be graphics rather than real links.

And it's one phenomenon, many phenonoma.

  spuds 13:25 10 Sep 2005

On websites like these,there can be to much or not enough content, and the problem is usually trying to reach the happy medium. I would suggest that a look at some of the worlds performers websites may be an advantage, taking the good and removing the some of the bad, some of these professional site can look very bad, considering that expert advisors are behind them.

Try to insert photographs with a little background in them, nothing like 'me on stage doing country western in the deep south', actual history of events.

One definate remark that I would make, get rid of the email address [very down-market], and direct your email via your own domain.

  PurplePenny 21:25 10 Sep 2005

much appreciated. My bro. will be passing your excellent (as usual) comments and observations on to Xanna. I'll post her updated site once it is finished.

  Kate B 16:23 11 Sep 2005

I love the picture on the home page and I think the font used with it is perfect - strikes the right note. However, I agree with the others on everything else - be consistent with your styles and fonts. The About Me page really needs attention: it just looks like a poorly edited text page.

Just a design thought - what about using the nice caramel colour prevalent in the pic on the home page as a background to the other pages, perhaps with some gloriously camp leopardskin borders? Don't go overboard but it would be in keeping.

  Jackcoms 21:47 12 Sep 2005

Are you sure she's a singer?

My initial reaction to the home page, seeing her spreadeagled across the leopard, was that she was into some other form of entertainment.

Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge.

Bit off-putting, I'm afraid.

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