web site already created now i have to manage it

  b_cratz 16:28 10 Dec 2007

hello out there. i just came into this position at IT intern and my adivisor quit. now they want me to run the show. this is cool and all but i need help with web page management. they are using LeechFTP to manage. anyone know anything about this?

  Forum Editor 18:34 10 Dec 2007

It is no longer supported, there have been no new versions for a number of years, and it's now looking decidedly dated - there are other, better FTP programs available.

I use this one click here because it's just about the best FTP program around - at least I think so.

That said, FTP as a protocol hasn't really changed that much over the years, and what you use is a matter of personal choice.

None of what I've said is going to help you manage a commercial website, however - that's something that can be fairly demanding in terms of the skills required. Do have any web-design experience at all, or is this your first venture?

  Kemistri 18:53 10 Dec 2007

I use Smart FTP, which is equally excellent. I have tried lots of FTP clients, like Filezilla, Core FTP and Coffee Cup Lite, and they are just not as nice to use as Smart FTP.

With regard to your present situation, I have to concur with the above comment - you are likely to find the initial learning curve to be a steep one if you have no prior knowledge of websites. Essentially, it seems that you are being asked to function as a webmaster for someone else's project, but without a CMS (content management system) to assist you.

  b_cratz 20:34 10 Dec 2007

Forum Editor
this is my first venture in web-design. i was trained by the army in computer repair but thats the extent of my training, other then on the job. thanks for the info and i will most def look into IPSwitch.

  b_cratz 20:38 10 Dec 2007

smart ftp seems like it does have alot to offer. lol you are correct in saying i have a steep climb infront of me. they are asking alot of me but with the help from forums and a little time i figure i'll get the hang of it thanks for your help

  Patr100 22:08 10 Dec 2007

Filezilla is free, very popular and I'm a big fan of it too.

  Weeby-Vuit 16:36 17 Dec 2007

I second the Forum Editor, I use IPSwitch and have had no issues with it.

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