Web Site adjustment of files I downloaded

  sean-278262 18:50 05 Aug 2006

Hi Everyone, time to ask a question for once rather than answer them.

I have used winHTTTrack to download a website. However I want to reorganise the files so I can enjoy the images without all the non-required stuff.

The Structure is
-> Galleries
------------------>all the HTML files and other rubbish
------------------------->Image 1
------------------------->Image 2
------------------------->Image 3

I want a program that will for free move the image files to a totally new area and reorganise the structure or that can remove the images folder and bring the images back one level

So instead of

I want


I dont mind if I get the lot in a new folder with that structure or if I get something that will do it without needing a new folder. Just rather be able to enjoy the images without the added padding of the HTML files.

  Woolwell 21:53 05 Aug 2006

Didn't respond to this at first as I was sure someone else would with more knowledge!

But am I missing something?

As I understand it you want to view the images without the clutter of the webpages. Why don't you navigate to C;\website\gallery\1\images select the images and move them to another folder (a sub folder of My Pictures? or to the 1 folder) using the XP pane? You can then view them as you like. Alternatively set the images folder properties to pictures and view as a film strip.

As I said am I missing something?

  sean-278262 21:57 05 Aug 2006

Knew while explaining it I would miss something.

There are 300 image galleries! Thus why I want to automate it!

  Woolwell 22:33 05 Aug 2006

Knew I was missing something ... sorry can't help.

  sean-278262 22:36 05 Aug 2006

Free bumps, so you helped in a small way and helped to get the things worked out I missed. Thanks anyway. Anyone know something I can use?

  Wak 10:47 06 Aug 2006

I don't know if this is what you are after but in the FREE program Irfanview you can make a slide show of all your images which then finishes up as an .EXE file and includes all the image files. Clicking on the .EXE file will then run the slide show.
You could make the slide show on your comp and then transfer the finished .EXE file to your web site and run it as a separate section.
Does that help??

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