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  steve263000 12:13 08 Dec 2007

I have had rather to much time on my hands of late, so I have re-designed my site. I have moved now to NOF10 as FP are no longer supported by Microsoft now they have bought out the new one.

The site is click here I have moved the many photo albums I had there to Google's Picasa, and created links to the various albums.

This forum always gives honest views on web sites, and I would like if possible some critique on my work. Is the site quick to load? Is it perhaps 'text heavy' and if so what suggestions have you got?

Thank you in advance for any that respond.

  mco 13:04 08 Dec 2007

I remember you and your sites from previous postings; very enjoyable information! My quick couple of comments - just had a cursory look - I'd make your images a bit smaller on each page as the pages will load quicker then. Also - having the photo albums on Google's Picassa is fine but NetObjects has its own built-in photo album that does the job just as well and that you can customise to whatever layout you want - just thought. I have used NOF and when I first started I liked the idea of the flyout menus - like when you click on Burns Family then you get Steve's page, Mary's etc..but after a while trying them out I found them irritating; you can't always get to the one you want easily and it is too much information. I think I'd just do regular pages but get them to link only to the parent page not have them in flyout.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:58 09 Dec 2007

but I think you have chosen a totally unsuitable template for the subject matter. I design all my sites in NOF, but rarely use their designs. I prefer to design my own.

If you do prefer to use their ready made designs try to pick one that doesn't belong on a sci-fi site. They have many plainer ones on offer that would suit the material on much better than the one you are using now.

  Kemistri 01:53 09 Dec 2007

I wasn't going to write anything about it, but now that Barry has raised that point, I have to say that I agree with him. That style would look naff on any site and it does not suit your content.

I know only too well that inspiration does not always come easy - sometimes, it can take a lot of website trawling, browsing of design books, and copious quantities of espresso before a good idea forms! But I think you really need to seek out that good idea and find a look and layout that suits your content and your intended audience.

Here's one possible source of inspiration, picked off the top of my head, that may or not help you: click here

  Kemistri 01:55 09 Dec 2007

And I know that there are a few better design sets than that one in NOF, hidden amongst the mediocre stuff. It's just a bit of drag to go through them all, particularly if you have extra site style packs loaded.

  steve263000 08:36 09 Dec 2007

Well I asked for critique, and thanks to those that did respond. The style of any site I would guess is very individual, and I did trawl through most of the NOF styles before I chose this one. For now I like it and will keep it, but the beauty of NOF, is that with the click of a button and a reload then the site look can be changed.

As for the photo albums, I do know about the built in ones with NOF, but as I have saved my albums anyway on Picasa, I thought that I might as well use them. It has saved the site from being to bloated as I have over 70 albums to look at.

The image size is a good idea, and next time I work on the site I will reduce the size a bit.

The fly out's I like, but as with the site style they can be changed when I feel the need.

However, thank you all for your response. It was kind of you to look.

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