Web pages opening in small segments

  ponytail 08:36 09 Mar 2014

Not sure why but now when I click on any desktop shortcut when the site opens all I get is a very small section probably less than a quarter of the page and I have to click on maximise everytime this even happens if I open a site using Google.How can I get the whole page to appear when I open a website.My OS is windows 7

  rdave13 09:48 09 Mar 2014

Assuming the shortcuts are for web pages then try this, double click the short cut, maximise the page, press and hold the SHIFT key and close the page. Try opening it again.

  ponytail 14:53 09 Mar 2014

Hi rdave13 Not sure what happened but I sent this reply early this morning so don't know where it went.Tried what you suggested but it still happens.Thank's

  alanrwood 19:16 09 Mar 2014

Not sure if this is the situation but lots of web pages are put together like this and download as a blocks. If they don't all download eventually then I would suspect a poor internet download speed

  Woolwell 21:01 09 Mar 2014

I think that the clue is maximise. Sounds as if a window was closed when it was reduced to quarter of page and has opened in the last size. Try enlarging it to the size you want. Then close it and re-open it.

  ponytail 22:16 09 Mar 2014

Have just tried something and the result seems strange.While in PCA I minimise it then opened several web sites and they all opened up as normal.I then logged out of PCA and tried to open the same web sites and the problem returned.Have just checked again while on here and everything is fine.They all opened fine whilst I was logged into PCA

  ponytail 22:23 09 Mar 2014

It seems if I open a website which opens in a small segment and I then bring it up to full size then click on minimise.I then open another wesite it is ok in other words they seem to only open in full size if another website is already open in full size if that makes sense it does not to me

  Ex plorer 10:30 10 Mar 2014

Hi can you go to the edge of the page you want to open with your cursor. You should see a small arrow, hold down the left mouse key and drag to make the page larger.

To do this between minimize and the close button top right of the the page should show one square to carry this out.

  rdave13 10:39 10 Mar 2014

If I'm on the right track you could try this. Open internet explorer (make sure all your shortcuts to web pages are closed) then maximise the page if it is minimised. In that maximised page go to Google, search for something, find a safe link then right click the link and select 'open in a new window' so that it doesn't open a new tab. Maximise that new window if needed. Now take the mouse cursor to the taskbar over internet explorer's icon and bring the first window to the foreground. Close that window and then close the second window. Hope I've explained it ok. Now try opening your web pages short cuts.

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