Web pages not responding

  JohnC123 16:46 15 Jul 2006

Since I downloaded and installed the latest updates from Microsoft, some - but not all - webpages don't respond properly. The page opens and then appears to freeze; the control buttons to move to other parts of the page are greyed out and it just says "done" at the bottom of the window. I did a system restore and the pages worked OK again, then I re-installed the security updates from microsoft and the page won't work again.
I'm using Windows XP pro with SP-2 installed on IE 6 - sp2,
Is anyone else experiencing problems after downloading the July security updates from Microsoft ?

  Pineman100 19:08 15 Jul 2006

This is purely speculation, but have you checked to see whether any of the updates are mucking about with (a) the Privacy or Security settings in IE, or (b) your firewall settings?

  skidzy 19:20 15 Jul 2006

Do you have the update numbers such as KB(123456) that may be causing you problems.
You may be able to find them in add and remove programs,tick show updates or click here then Microsoft Update then review update history.

It may be a matter of elimination at this stage.

  JohnC123 21:23 15 Jul 2006

Pineman - I tried disabling my firewall - the result was just the same.

Skidzy - There were 9 updates I'll have to go through them one by one to try to eliminate the one that may be causing the problem, I was hoping someone on here who had a similar prob could tell me which one it is !

  skidzy 21:30 15 Jul 2006

There has been one update causing lots of problems,but im afraid i dont think this is the one on your system,as the main problem with this update was it would not install...it was

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 2.0 (KB917283)

  JohnC123 21:32 15 Jul 2006

Skidzy - this was one of those that I downloaded and installed - maybe I should try to remove it ?

  skidzy 21:34 15 Jul 2006

If it gives you the option to go back to version 1.1.... i would try that.

  JohnC123 21:43 15 Jul 2006

I see it's installed in Windows prefetch folder - I could delete it I suppose, but I can see no way to revert to the previous version - its not shown on the add/remove programs list. I'll live with it for a while and see if there are any more replies - Thanks for your interest.

  skidzy 21:50 15 Jul 2006

Here is the earlier version if it helps you out click here

  skidzy 21:51 15 Jul 2006

In add and remove have you got show updates ticked ?

  JohnC123 21:53 15 Jul 2006

Thanks - I'll keep it in the favourites folder for the time being

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