web pages hampered by animation

  daba 13:23 31 Jan 2010

Some web pages on my Windows 2000 Pro PC are severely hampered by any animation that has already been downloaded on that page.

Typical example : the Facebook Zynga Poker "loading" page, starts to load pretty quickly, but as soon as the flying chips start to appesr (flash animation), it slows to a crawl and overall takes about 3 minutes to completely load.

Other pages that have sidebar animated adverts I have to scroll the adverts off the screeen to get the the page to fully load in a reasonable time, or if I've clicked a link on that page, i have to scroll the ads off to get the link to work.

Anyone seen this behaviour before, and any ideas how to cure it?

  GaT7 13:43 31 Jan 2010

There are settings in IE that allows one to turn off animations, etc. IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Mulimedia.

If that's no help, you can also try another browser which has a feature to disable these things. E.g. in Avant Browser (click here) one can easily disable certain enhancements with 2 clicks - a screenshot click here. G

  daba 15:11 31 Jan 2010

Respectfully Crossbow7, that is jut hiding the problem, not solving it.

Incidentally this occurs with both IE6 (which I don't normally use, but is up to date), AND Firefox, up to date at 3.5.7 on this Desktop PC.

On my laptop, which runs XP, and IE8, these pages I have trouble with load just fine.

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