Web pages do not print full width of page

  Sapins 17:26 20 Mar 2003

I have saved some web pages using "save as" and keeping the destination ( Documents) and the suggested file name, which I now want to print out but not all of the page is printed, the last few words on each line are missing. I have tried reducing the size but that has not worked. How do I get the full page, including diagrams, into print?
Regards, Sapins.

  paddy75 17:33 20 Mar 2003

Sapins this might work,go to file,page setup and at the bottom box try different margins untill you get it right. Paddy

  Noels 17:37 20 Mar 2003

Its not ideal but try printing in Landscape not Portrait
Regards Noels

  misery 19:53 20 Mar 2003

save the web pages by using File>print and in the printer and when printer opens click print to file. Just make dure you have a file location established before you do this.

  Rtus 20:16 20 Mar 2003

also look to the printer properties and set "print to page" prior to printing..

  Simsy 21:24 20 Mar 2003


from click here

It addresses this problem perfectly, and does a few other clever printing things, and it wont cost you.



  €dstow 07:52 21 Mar 2003

If you want to avoid printing all the extraneous stuff that is always on web pages and be able to have some editorial control on what you print, highlight the parts you wish to keep (left click and drag the cursor), copy then paste into Word. This way you can ensure things fit on the page.


  as400man 13:00 21 Mar 2003

Thanks for the Fineprint tip. What a very useful freeby. Cheers for that.

  Sapins 13:13 21 Mar 2003

Many thanks to all of you for your help, Paddy75- tried this but it did not work.
Noels- Landscape didn’t make any difference. Misery-will give this a go next time! Rtus- tried this did not help. Simsy- will download Fineprint later on, thanks. €dstow-your solution works brilliantly, thanks for that.
All your help is very much appreciated.
Regards Sapins.

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