web page/link only half opens

  polrose 16:58 09 Apr 2006

When I am on a website and need to open another link within that web page, sometimes the page does not open fully. It appears to be missing the icons 'minimise maximise and close' in the top right hand corner. The scroll bars to the right and bottom do however work. Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

  VoG II 17:09 09 Apr 2006

Can you post an example of a website that does this?

  polrose 17:37 09 Apr 2006

I have just revisted a site that this problem occurs and have realised that when I click on a link that opens a page within a page the problem occurs when i go to maximise. I tried to include a screen dump onto this message however paste was not available as an option??

  VoG II 17:51 09 Apr 2006

To include a screen shot you need to save the screenshot then upload the image to click here Then copy the bottom link from the ImageShack page and paste it here.

  polrose 20:33 09 Apr 2006

hi VoG
Thanks 4 advice have been trying to use ImageShack for the last hour with no sucess. Problem is that my original problem where linking into other webpages is occuring whilst trying to use Screen Shack. ie because have not used this service before, wanted to check that the image i uploaded was correct b4 i sent onto you, however the pages are not opening properly as in the orginal problem! phew hope u get what i mean

thanks polrose

  VoG II 20:36 09 Apr 2006

Try this click here

If the 'click here' does not work the address is

http:// windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm

without the space after //

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