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  Barrykneeshaw 11:23 21 Dec 2010

I am using a laptop with Mozilla-Firefox for web use. There is a site where I cannot view the page correctly - I just see the basic details to the left of the screen and no main page is visible at all. All other web-site pages are visible normally.
When I access this site on other PC's I can see the page normally. I have obviously done something to the 'view' of just this page. How can I 'undo' it?

For extra info the page I want to view is the homepage of a very well known UK bookseller. if I can't see the page, I can't buy from them!

I need to buy an e-book for a present so this is more than irritating as I need to download to laptop then transfer to e-reader...


  northumbria61 11:33 21 Dec 2010

Try typing the URL into the address bar instead of the "search"

  Barrykneeshaw 11:46 21 Dec 2010

Alas, just tried that. Same problem...

  northumbria61 20:10 21 Dec 2010

Try this - Update your JAVA, including the JAVA plug-ins for Firefox . You can locate your Java icon and control in your Control Panel.

Also get the updated Java for Internet Explorer, whether you use the browser very much or not.....

Also, in Firefox if you are using the Add-on "No Script", be sure that you are allowing it.

  northumbria61 20:11 21 Dec 2010

Also does this site view okay in Internet Explorer (ie' is it just Firefox?)

  Barrykneeshaw 15:25 22 Dec 2010

Well, some improvemwnt...
I updated Java for Mozilla but that did not improve my site viewing at all. I tried to update in Internet Explorer and it said I was already up-to-date. I DID find a 'Compatibilty Mode' on the IE page when looking at the Waterstones page and 'voila', suddenly I could view the page normally!
However returning to Firefox the problem remains when I try to view the page there. Is there a similar 'Compatibilty Mode' hidden in Firefox?

Incidentally, thank you for your time helping me with this...

  Sea Urchin 16:01 22 Dec 2010

Try downloading the IE View Add-on into Firefox -

click here

  Sea Urchin 16:08 22 Dec 2010

Firefox compatability mode

click here

  Barrykneeshaw 14:31 23 Dec 2010

Well, adding the IE View Add-On certainly worked and I have marked the relevant page so that it is always viewed through IE. This has resolved my problem, so thank you very much to all who helped!

Wasn't too keen on the Firefox Compat. Mode tho. Best it would do was load in XP mode.

But again, many thanks to you all!


  Sea Urchin 14:56 23 Dec 2010

Great - glad to know that worked OK - thanks for the feedback

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