SolvaWorld 13:54 23 Jul 2004

Hi guys

Just realised that the site i've made is set up for 800x600 resolution only. I've looked at it on a pc with different resolution and its all over place. Is their anyway to uniform it with all resolutions

Thanks All

  Ben Avery 14:56 23 Jul 2004

meaning, make the table columbs a % instead of fixed pixels.

This is assuming a lot about your site however, a link would greatly help.


  SolvaWorld 12:51 26 Jul 2004

Thanks for the help its here

click here

  SolvaWorld 10:26 28 Jul 2004

So what do I do change the size of all tables to % or scap the thing and start again


  Taran 11:02 28 Jul 2004

Since you used FrontPage to create the site changing the table parameters is easy. FrontPage offers one of the best table management systems of all the WYSIWYG editors; in fact, I'd go so far as to say it IS the best.

In design view, right click on the table on the open page in FrontPage and select table properties from the drop down menu. You can specify width in pixels or percentage. Avoid applying a height attribute to a table - if you want to specify height do that by accessing the cell properties of the main content cell in the table and give the cell a fixed height. If you don't need fixed heights, ignore that last comment.

So in right clicking the in the table and selecting Table Properties you get to specify all kinds of everything to control the size, layout, alignment and other nice things for your table. Have a play and see how you get along.

It may be worth making a copy of the original site and playing with your copy to preserve the original. If things go wrong, you can always revert to version one instead of holding your head in your hands...


  SolvaWorld 13:17 28 Jul 2004

Hi have been fiddling with it all morning but even though I have changed every table to % but when I view the table in a larger resolution it still looks lobsided then when I go to 800X600 the pecntages are like at 134.


  SolvaWorld 13:18 28 Jul 2004

Re post by Forum member what did you mean by make it all relative


  SolvaWorld 14:00 28 Jul 2004

But well if im on 800x600 its fine then I go to 1024 x 768 change it its fine on that but messed up on every other version is there no way to make it the same on all resolutions at all.


  Taran 14:46 28 Jul 2004

Make the table 100% wide.

If you use a greater value than 100% then you introduce horizontal scrolling, since anything over 100% is greater than the available screen area.

100% is full width, but I often prefer to keep the width to maybe 85 or 90%. A gap at each side can look attractive and research points to the centre portion of the screen being the main (in some cases the only) area your visitors look at.

So if you make a table 100% wide it will always be that wide on any screen resolution. If you then make the table cells add up to 100% then all will be well. If you decide to give a table cell a width of 150% it can knock things sideways since once again you will be going out of the 100% boundary.

Often it can be nice to have a fixed width left columnn of around 135 pixels for your navigation buttons to live in, or you can set it to 30% wide with the right hand main content column set to 70%. The possible varioations are almost limitless.

FrontPage has some pretty good table tutorials in its help files.

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