web page off line or ..?

  p;3 08:41 15 Jul 2006

I am unable to open this web page which I normally have no problems accessing
click here ; is anyone else able to open it please?

at present even my mailwasher program cannot seem to log into it either

thank you

  VoG II 08:42 15 Jul 2006

The site seems to be down.

  p;3 08:59 15 Jul 2006

I have even tried this via a google search but no joy; and mailwasher is being told "no such host"?

  MAJ 09:00 15 Jul 2006

Working OK here.

  p;3 09:05 15 Jul 2006

I have just retried it; what address are you putting in?

  MAJ 09:21 15 Jul 2006

Hi p;3, I'm just clicking on the link you posted above. click here It might be a regional problem as I'm in N.Ireland.

  beynac 09:30 15 Jul 2006

No problem here (Norwich) using Firefox.

  Belatucadrus 10:08 15 Jul 2006

Dead here

"Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:

[code=DNS_TIMEOUT] A DNS lookup error occurred because the request timed out during the lookup.
Please contact the administrator."

West Midlands
Firefox & IE6

  p;3 16:16 15 Jul 2006

still seems to be completely a gonna

  VoG II 16:28 15 Jul 2006

Can't even ping it

C:\>ping click here
Ping request could not find host click here. Please check the name and try

  p;3 16:33 15 Jul 2006

my mailwasher is telling me "no such host"; I had hoped that a break for a day might have sorted it; and a mail I sent to it has not been sent back .........yet(unless it will take about a week to do that)

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