web page layout - good practice? Am i way off?

  kevsta 14:01 17 Dec 2004

hi there. If you've taken the time to read this, first off, thanks!

There seems to be a multitude of different ways to structure a web page and i'm (like many people) looking to learn from good practice.

I now keep my web layout simple to avoid issues of designing for multiple screen resolutions (redirect scripts etc), so i...

1)Set a table fixed to 780 pixels - centred
2)Use CSS and set font size 12pts

that's pretty much it (i use dreaweaver).

i was happy with this until someone asked me to edit a webpage see click here

i've noticed a multitude of nested tables which has thrown me - just moving content really seems to muck up the layout (trying to make a table smaller sometimes seems to make it bigger!).

If this is the best way of designing pages and you know why i'd really appreciate your words of wisdom!

i've noticed the 1st (underlying) table is set to autostretch, the next table (for the logo) is set to width 772 (fixed) but when i change my monitor's resolution to 800*600 the fixed table values change?? huh! some java script doing this...reason?

thanks in advance for any help!

  Forum Editor 17:41 17 Dec 2004

can be a web-designer's friend, but like all good things they should be indulged in with a degree of moderation. I could fill pages with my own views on the benefits and drawbacks of employing tables in design, but it might be more helpful if I pointed you to another place, where there's more about nested tables than space in this forum would permit.

click here

Don't hesitate to come back here for more specific advice if you need it.

  smudge101 21:29 17 Dec 2004

My personal opinion is if it works go for it. As you say there are so many ways you can layout a page and I think you hit the nail on the head with that statement. Some pages just won't look right with one layout but will with another. Simple is generally the best, I think too much fancy stuff can detract from a page but sometimes we need to use other available layouts if our skills are up to it.

I think one of the hardest things to keep in mind is that we are producing the page/site for the viewer and not for us.

  kevsta 16:43 20 Dec 2004

forum editor
hi thanks for the link - simple nested tables i can understand. the intuitionppims page was created by a company and uses quite complex set up. was wondering if you know why? thanks tho.

thanks for your post. i agree simple is good but it does make you wonder if someone or some web company have some technical knowledge that would be worth knowing...if i find out....

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