Web page help needed!!

  ShorN 09:07 03 May 2003


I want to create a website, it is going to be for people to view download pics . this is what id like to create:

-A homepage
-A page which has previews of the pics to download.
(and then links under thoses pics to download the zip file containing that pic)
-Ideally i would like some way of knowing how many people download that pic, maybe a counter next to showing the amount of times?
- another page which has a gallery of artwork not to be downloaded.

-feedback/ message board.
- it would also be cool if the person who wants to download the pic has to register to my site??

If anyone can show my a way to gat started id be grateful! Links to tutorials, anything to get me on my way! ive been using dreamweaver mx but not found it the easiest.
Can someone please help !!
Thanks in advance!!

  Forum Editor 09:17 03 May 2003

is an excellent application - used by many web design professionals - but the learning curve can be pretty steep if you are new to web design.

Everyone has a favourite design application, and although mine is DreamweaverMX I also like (and use) Microsoft FrontPage 2002. Other people will no doubt add to the list.

For a good start with all aspects of design, with plenty of tutorial material I suggest you

click here

  Forum Editor 09:22 03 May 2003

Image files can take ages to download unless you optimise them for the web. This means using a compression protocol - JPEG or GIF which you can do with an image editor.

Your own images will be yours to do with as you wish as far as copyright is concerned - otherwise you'll have to obtain the copyright holder's consent before you distribute images in this way. You can't just take images from other web sites, or scan them from publications, they'll be copyright protected, and the penalties for infringement can be expensive.

  ShorN 09:47 03 May 2003

the images are mine and they are are all jpegs in zips (for ease of handling).

for replys so far!!

  Taran 10:21 03 May 2003

I'd suggest that it's largely pointless to Zip a JPEG image. You won't gain anything significant in terms of further compressions since the JPEG format is about as compressed as it can get while still maintaining reasonable quality, so any gains made are not usually very significant.

Possibly your easiest solution is to create a page that your preview image links to, and this new page will have a full size copy of your image on it. All your visitor has to do is right mouse click and select the Save Picture As option.

If you just want download files without the hassle of creating extra pages, upload your full size images (or the Zip files containing them if you want to stick with Zips files) and set up a hyperlink to the file either using text next to the preview image of use your preview image itself as the link.

Create a folder on your web server/site root directory and call it zipfiles. Now put all the Zipped image files into it. Now on your main page, if you have a preview image called Puppy, create a hyperlink to zipfiles/puppy.zip like this:

<a href=

"zipfiles/puppy.zip" title="Download the full size image here">

Puppy Image</a>

I've had to put some hard returns in the code to make it display properly. The quote mark on line two should be right up to the <a href= on line one, while the Puppy Image</a> on the last line goes right up against where its says image here"> in the middle section.

This hyperlink will link to a file called puppy.zip in the zipfiles folder (hence the address zipfiles/puppy.zip which denotes foldername/filename on your web server) and when your visitors click the link they will get the browser prompt to open the file from its current location or download and save it to their hard disk.

It's all about organising your site, its files and the folders they are in. Keep all preview images in a dedicated folder (perhaps called previews) and keep all download files in another folder named something significant. It may seem complicated, but when your site grows it really helps to have everything sub-divided into easily managed folders where you know if you want a zip file, it will be in the zipfiles folder and so on.

One last thing. Avoid capital letters and spaces in your filenames where possible. If you want your filenames to have a space, use the underscore character instead, this this file_name.

If you get stuck, post again. And take a good long look through the Dreamweaver help files. They contain a great deal of useful information.

Good luck with it.



  Taran 10:25 03 May 2003

Regarding keeping track of who downloaded what and when, any good web host offers site statistics as part of the hosting service.

You log in as site administrator and get all the information you could ever want about who is using what browser, how many times each page or file has been accessed, how many site hits and page hits you have per hour, per day, per week, per month, averages and all kinds of other junk.

It can help you keep track of your bandwidth too. I don't think downloading pictures will eat into your available bandwidth too much, but whenever you offer files for download their access can mount up, so check out your available bandwidth restrictions per month BEFORE you start letting people east into your resources.


  ShorN 10:28 03 May 2003

thanks for some great help, i shall keep u updated shortly!!

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