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  ikoz 19:47 27 Oct 2004

is it possible to use two different editors to upload to the same web space? i'm using front page, but i want to try html beauty to edit my pages i can upload to my ftp remote server but not onto my website i'm using ws_ftp

  Taran 20:43 27 Oct 2004

Yes, it is possible, but there are a couple of thinigs you should keep in mind.

If your site is on a web hosts Linux/UNIX server that supports FrontPage Server Extensions and you originally uploaded the site using FrontPage, if you upload the modified pages using anything other than FrontPage you'll alter the folder/file permissions on the web server and effectively kill the site for future editing/uploading in FrontPage.

If you had the option to use FrontPage Server Extensions disabled during your design stage and you don't use the extensions and don't plan to in the future then you can use any FTP program you like.

Some web hosts will reset the web root folder if you use FTP then decide to go back to FrontPage, while others will either refuse to do so or will charge you for the trouble.

FrontPage 2003 features a code optimise facility which cleans and orders everything very nicely prior to publishing. You could also edit the files locally from their FrontPage root folder on your hard drive with another application, then upload them to your web space via FrontPage, to maintain tyhose extensions for future use. With a bt of lateral thinking you can get around the issue, but it's only fair to make you aware of it from the outset.

The short answer is that you can use any FTP program or web editor that features built in uploading facilities but if you plan on using FrontPage Server EXtensions at any stage for feedback forms and other nice things, you are best sticking with FrontPage for both editing and uploading/publishing.

  ikoz 21:34 27 Oct 2004

thanks taran i have tried uploading the pages i did in beauty, they uploaded to my remote site (ftp site ) but not my web site
don't believe i have the frontpage exstensions enabled as my isp (blueyonder ) dosen't support them

  Queen's Lead 17:33 28 Oct 2004

I enabled Frontpage Extensions at my Blueyonder Personal Web Space yesterday.

Forgive me for contradicting you and I don't know the first thing about Web etc (I'm on day 2 of deciding to learn about it). The book I've been looking at said that I would need to enable them so I did.

It's accessible under Selfcare click here hope that helps.

I've yet to learn what they actually do - I believe they're basically a set of what I'd call plugins that allow stuff to display properly.

I'm probably wrong - but you CAN enable them!!!

  ikoz 09:17 29 Oct 2004

you have the option to enable or disable frontpage extensions when i started to do a website i had trouble uploading then and i was for ever going between the two options to see what worked when i checked the other day they were enabled so i disabled them but still no joy, i think the problem lies with my web folders

  Queen's Lead 15:34 30 Oct 2004

Well I understood the word 'hi'.

Warned you! :-)

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