Web Page Display Not 100%.

  Scouse 11:09 30 Mar 2003

Hello all, just a quick one for the Sunday crew!

When I access various websites I often get areas which do not display properly. The areas in question are the minor images which complete the page layout. When I right click on the area and select "Show Picture" the Image is restored to its correct setting.

Is this problem at my end or something else????

Thanx in advance,


  rct 11:29 30 Mar 2003

It's probably your internet connection- it is probably so unresponsive, it gives up before the image arrives! Try tweaking your connection. To download TCPOptimizer click here and
use the optimized dial-up settings if you use an ordinary modem. If you use ADSL (unlikely given your symptoms) choose custom settings and use an MTU of 1458 together with an RWIN of 13000.

Failing the above try another browser such as the wonderful Mozilla 1.3 click here (which you should try anyway ;-) )

  Scouse 12:38 30 Mar 2003

Just to let you know, I am on NTL 600BB and using IE6. I will try your links.


  rct 13:41 30 Mar 2003

You'll need to use an MTU of 1500 with cable I think, together with a higher RWIN (than for ADSL). Back up your current config 1st so you can restore it.

  rct 13:41 30 Mar 2003

Oh click here for an RWIN calculator.

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