SolvaCollective 14:39 05 Jun 2003

Hi there. Iam creating a website using frontpage.
For site, its pages has a uniform design. Which is a border i've designed in Paint. I set this border as abackground picture on every page and everything was fine. Until I veiwed the page in a browser. The border reapeats itself When you move across the page. It just seems that as the page is bigger within my browser than what it is in frontpage it just repeats. Its such a silly problem surely theres away of stopping this.

Please please help me.

Thanks all

  tbh72 16:32 05 Jun 2003

Have you considered placing you picture as a background within a table.

If you want the website to be viewable by all browsers from 800*600 & upwards set the table width to no more than say 750 pixels.

To insert the image as a background file, I would right click in the table and select table properties, then click on the style button "buttom left" of the new dialog box which pops up, select the borders option from the list & then select the shading tab. The bottom section of this dialog will allow you to specify the image location & how it's displayed eg, centre with no repeat etc.....

Post back if you have problems

  SolvaCollective 15:44 08 Jun 2003

Great Idea thanks. But now theres another problem.

Once Ive inserted the image into the table ive found that the image is somewhat smaller than the screen. Is it not possible to stretch out the picture so it extends as long as the page scrolls for.

Thanks all

  tbh72 15:58 08 Jun 2003

Idealistically if you have correctly entered the height & width of the table the page should NOT scroll, which means your site would be designed with more than one page based on the one template file that you created. Using navigation hyperlinks to move between pages.

  SolvaCollective 19:09 08 Jun 2003

The scrolling isnt a problem. As it lets me put however much or little on the page rather than having similar information on spread onto different pages. The problem is that as you go down the page the image i inserted stops. Is the a way that the image and just extend with the page. Without repeating. The image isnt a picture its just a border I created for every page on the site. Thanks

  slowhand_1000 20:16 09 Jun 2003

Is the border you have created like a picture frame, or is it a border just down one side.

  SolvaCollective 22:52 09 Jun 2003

I have a border down the side and across the top

  Taran 23:46 09 Jun 2003

click here

It tells you roughly how to go about page borders and has some download samples for you to look at.

If you view the source code of the page the above link points to you will get a rough idea of how it all goes together.

  slowhand_1000 09:22 10 Jun 2003

Nice link Taran. Confirms what I was going to suggest knowing now what the border is like.

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