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  conrail 20:55 15 Feb 2005

can anyone recomend a program that will let me create/update a web page with ease please, my only experience was writing basic for the speccy so no idea on writing code so want something that I can probably just drag and drop if poss, I belong to a society who's web page has not been touched for nearly 3 years and desperatly needs updating

  Diodorus Siculus 21:05 15 Feb 2005

Take a look at freeserifsoftware.com for their web tool- as close to drag and drop as you will get.

  LinuxPenguin 21:08 15 Feb 2005

the best one is sierra webartist, for pure drag and drop, it even set s up tablkes for ecxact positioning. i dont think tis free though. serif is a good product too though

  conrail 11:07 16 Feb 2005

t6hanks guys, will have a look at those, the site in question is the Hartlepool Stage Society, a lot of the links don't fo where they say and there is (to me) rubbish at the end
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 11:36 16 Feb 2005

Very basic site so you could replace it easily - written in MSWord but any editor you want will edit it.

Recreating a similarly basic site will take only a few hours I think.

Then as you get more experienced you can be more exacting as to what you want to achieve.

  Taran 17:11 16 Feb 2005

If you want a free web editing program then Nvu takes some beating click here

My own recommendations are for NetObjects Fusion or Microsoft FrontPage, if you don't mind paying for software.

NetObjects Fusion MX featured on a PC Advisor back issue cover CD a few months ago.

NetObjects has a few quirks but is one of those truly endearing programs that can produce results in no time using any number of built in templates if you choose to use them, but it also has a lot of flexibility for more challenging projects.

Microsoft FrontPage is, in my opinion, the single best WYSIWYG web authoring program currently available bar none. It is streets ahead of GoLive and Dreamweaver for data driven sites and for the novice its Word-like interface can help make it easier to get a handle on than other programs. It also has a ton of themes (site templates) which can be used as is or modified to suit.

Out of all the WYSIWYG software I use commercially and teach, FrontPage sees the most use followed by Dreamweaver, GoLive and NetObjects, in about that order.

Everyone has preferences but these are my own and with the exception of Nvu I have suggested them in order of preference for beginners.

  conrail 12:55 19 Feb 2005

David is the society musical director, due to work commitments he is too busy to update the site so passed it on to a new member, one of the keen "I can do it brigade", more of a walter mitty, hence the errors, so I said I would have a look, I warned the society not to expect miracles because I will be finding my feet, so happy to play around but will not upload until I know what I am doing, I have downloaded the program as a word file and can edit text but not sure on other items, buying books and looking for nightschool courses but all help gratefully received and happy for you to email me fourm member, do I post my email address here?

  conrail 13:39 23 Feb 2005

sorry fourm member, can you resend your email, I have just had to reformat so did not receive it, sorry

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