web optimising tips?

  Xevious 23:23 29 Jul 2004

hi, can you plz indicate what procedures are best to be taken with promoting a web site? i find it hard to get them showing on the popular search engines!

any help here would be greatly appreciated! thx

  Forum Editor 01:01 30 Jul 2004

But here goes:

1. Make absolutely sure that everything on your site works - hyperlinks both internal and external, and site navigation.

2. Try to set up reciprocal linking arrangements with other sites. Do NOT link directly into a page other than the home page on any external site unless you have the express permission of the webmaster.

3. Don't put endless lists of keywords in your code as meta tags - modern search engines will discount you if you do.

4. Don't host your site in ISP free web space.

5. Don't include adult content.

6. Update the site on a regular basis - search engines look for changes at frequent intervals, and will see your site as 'dead' if you allow it to just sit there. Change images and/or text at least once every couple of months - if you're stuck for content concentrate on the home page (index.htm) first.

5. Try to promote the site in other ways - put the url on your letterhead and/or business card, and talk it up whenever you get the chance. Hand cards to anyone you think will visit or recommend your site.

Look at hundreds of other sites and pick up design ideas. Make your site as attractive as possible and try to grab attention on the homepage. It's a slow and arduous process, but it will work. At least, it will if the site's worth visiting in the first place.

  Xevious 09:12 30 Jul 2004

thanks for that. yes, i agree to what you say.

1. everything on my site does work, except of course for the "under construction" pages, but there are NO dead links

2. i haven't done any link agreements with other website as yet, but will look into that

3. my meta tag does have a number of words in it, probably about 20 or so. is that too many?

4. i'm not hosting with my free ISP anymore, am now running my own hosting reseller packages...

5. there deffinitely is NO adult content here, nor any copyright infringements...etc

6. i work on my site roughly every fortnight

7. my URL is on my letterhead, business card...etc as well as on my e-mail signature

so i guess i'm doing mostly the right things, maybe my choice of word in the eta tags aren't relevant enough...?

so in theory thatg's it? if i stick to all those points and do it properly, it should register just fine?

thx for the advice!

  Gingermum 22:36 05 Aug 2004

Make good use of meta tags:

KEYWORDS: Make sure your keywords are words that someone would type into a search engine when looking for your page. Make sure they appear somewhere on the page even if you need to slightly re-write your copy.

TITLE: Make sure the title says a lot about the page and on the index page it should say a lot about your site. Again try and repeat the words in the copy.

DESCRIPTION: Include some of your most important keyword phrases including those used in the title tag and page copy. Get your most important keywords appear at the beginning of your description.
GENERAL TIPS: Make sure the first few sentences on your home page give a good description of your site. Don't use frames. Don't use Flash on your home page.

  Xevious 10:13 06 Aug 2004

will have a look and revise the meta tags as suggested

and... i don't use frames nor do i use flash!

thx again

  Gaz 25 19:15 06 Aug 2004

If you send your webaddress via pm (click the envelope next to my nickname) and I will check the code and see if I can optimise it for you.

  Chegs ® 02:40 08 Aug 2004

I'm only guessing,but how about a selection of keywords created by googling the subject matter of your site,then visiting the top few sites listed and "Viewing Source" to see their keywords.

I used Fourm member's "computers" and this was off the top site google found...

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Custom, Configuration, PCs, Laptops, Portables, Computer, Notebook, Hardware, Build, Value, Technology, Servers, "****", Online, Order">

(removed **** just incase)

  Sethhaniel 07:37 08 Aug 2004

even though on a free 'Geocities' site
Maybe because it's more exotic beig 'Essene Network' scores first in a Yahoo search
with other hits in 2nd & 3rd place -
and with other sites linking - my Keyword can get to me from 16 hits in the first 20 found

click here

  Xevious 08:09 08 Aug 2004

sorry! click here

and yes, it is about computers! sigh! but specifically only worried about this county... not nationwide

but you've seen this before and advised on a few other things too! (thanks!)

Chegs and Sethhaniel: thanks, i'll look at what both of you suggest

  Xevious 08:10 08 Aug 2004

and i thought it was forum editor NOT forum member!


well ignore the third line then! oops!

  Sethhaniel 10:08 08 Aug 2004

in Yahoo search and it came in as Number one out of 520 hits
Where Google search for same gve up after 250 with no sign - but searching for "xp-tech.co" produced a 'Google Wack' ;)

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