web-mania anyone been having trouble

  ©®@$? 12:27 07 Jun 2004

have been with web mania for a month now, and i have had really poor service,just wondering if anyone else has!

my site has been down over 20 times in the first month that i have been with them...what can i do about it, can i get a refund or simply do i loose out on my money and move hosts!

  peabody 12:36 07 Jun 2004

I would just cut your losses and move - especially if you host a commercial site. I had a similar problem with a service provider and they just got worse and worse - and then folded! Try Hosting Unlimited (click here) - absolutely first class!

  Patr100 23:38 07 Jun 2004

I have just checked two sites I have on Web mania and both are page not found. I cna't even get the web mania site up either. This is not good.

  Forum Editor 00:23 08 Jun 2004

is functioning normally at 12:15 a.m. I can login to my account, and everything works as it should. The WebMania site is online and all pages are loading normally.

When you say your site has been 'down' 20 times in a month can you elaborate a little? That's a very high figure indeed - my site has functioned normally ever since it was uploaded at the beginning of April.

  Patr100 00:39 08 Jun 2004

My sites are now back and so is the webmania site. I have just had a brief online chat with them. They mentioned some server maintenance took place. I hope it will be Ok but time will tell.

  ©®@$? 01:47 08 Jun 2004

i joined end of april 2004, i have had connection drops, where my site will take a very long time to load, this has happened mostly..sometimes get the page not found, as it timesout..i speak to them on live chat and they do something and the site is fast again..this happens quite frequent, i live a sad life and i have been monitoring my site for more than 12 hours per day, as i have spare time...but recently the site has been down altogether 5 times.. the first time they told me they were doing some maitanence with the firewalls etc, which is fair enough...a couple of days the site was up and down..the other times they have sorted it relativly quickly, but this time my site went down this morning, and has only just come back to life! so i havn't been very lucky so far, i have e-mailed them explaining my disappointment as it has happened more than i'd like in the first month...

i am on server 1, which server are you guys on

http: // server1.web-mania . com

p.s also the web-mania site was down this time, so it would appear they had a big problem, as i notified them of this problem this morning, so they have probably been doing some maintanece today...i hope this is the last of my downtime

i have now signed up to get my site monitered so i can live a normal life lol (joke)

go here if your interested click here it will monitor your site, you can set it up to monitor every 30 mins + etc..and shows your stats of your uptime and downtime, very handy to see if your site has been down

  ©®@$? 01:50 08 Jun 2004

infact i probably have been on my site more than 12 hours per day lol, so i am more likely to see the site being down than the average person with their own site

FE @ 12.00 am the server was back online so you wouldn't of noticed anything wrong...just wondering how often you check up on your site forum editor?

as you say you havn't had any down time..like i mentioned above i have it monitored 24/7 now...so i can get a realistic statistic..

as i will show them that if it doesn't improve..not very good for my visitors

  Forum Editor 07:06 08 Jun 2004

I have many sites online for clients, and all of them are monitored on a daily basis - by the clients, if not by someone in my office.

As I said earlier, the one site that is currently in the WebMania space has been functioning normally as far as we know. Unfortunately we are a bit too busy to monitor the thing for 12 hours each day, and I'm a little disturbed to hear about these repeated offline incidents, ©®@$?

  ©®@$? 09:26 08 Jun 2004

i am seriously considering going with some-one else unless the service improves, that is how bad it has been for me..

i like the idea of them having live support, which is very convenient, but i remember one incident when i said to them my site was slow and it was dropping a connection, they checked it and said all seems to be fast at out side "it must be your connection"

i said " it's not my connection, all other sites are loading fast, and my visitors who are on various isp's are having the same trouble"

they repeat "all seems well at out end"

i said "what connection are you using"

they said "100mb/s"

i said" no wonder, any website would load up quick with that connection, can you check it will an average user connection

they said " we will check it with a dialup"

so they did and they agreed that there was a problem they mentioned something about a server load ..and fixed it in under a minute.

my point is that altough they have live help, some are lacking a bit of common sense and are always quick to say everything is fine at our end it must be "you"

i don't understand how you have been trouble free FE...What server is your site on, if you don't mind me asking!

  tomleady 09:34 08 Jun 2004

maybe you could post the link for you site, so other people (like me, when i'm in work) can have a look and see if anything dodgy is going on?

  ©®@$? 10:10 08 Jun 2004

no need!

i have it monitered every 30 minutes 24/7

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