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  WANEY 12:58 15 Jun 2007

Can I delete the Web Mail system ( from Orange) from my PC; Orange say it's not possible, are they correct?

  robbiepaul79 13:28 15 Jun 2007

They are not correct yet i dont know what it is or how to delete it myself

  p;3 15:24 15 Jun 2007

can you clarify/expand /explain a bit further what it is you actually wish to do?

  p;3 17:11 15 Jun 2007

please keep all info ON this forum and not via pm unless requested so we can ALL see what is going on

received via pm

'The problem is that in Feb my Orange Web Mail had over 500 spam messages and I'm now receiving 7 or 8 per day. Orange claim that if I do not use the mail for 219 days ( seems a strange figure ) the web mail will cease to operate. Based on my past experience this is not the case, although I have an e-mail address in web mail I have not used it for a couple of years. I use Outlook Express and I want to take Orange web mail totally off my PC'

can you clarify

do you use OE with the orange address or just view mails on server?

and do you have any alternative e mail address NOT with orange?

  WANEY 17:26 15 Jun 2007

I have the same e-mail address with Orange as with O.E; I have no other e-mail addresses; I did consider deleting my e-mail address and creating a new one but that would be a lot of hassle, but it may be a solution, what do you think?

  p;3 18:14 15 Jun 2007

is the volume of spam you are receiving the actual problem?

  Forum Editor 18:54 15 Jun 2007

"Can I delete the Web Mail system ( from Orange) from my PC"


Webmail is accessed via your web browser, so if you don't access the webmail you won't see it - it's as simple as that. You can download the same mail in Outlook Express, you don't ever have to use the webmail facility if you don't want to, although some people find it useful when they're on holiday, because you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world.

  polymath 21:07 15 Jun 2007

I haven't used my ISP's webmail facility since someone told me about Mail2web at click here. It's more efficient than any ISP's facility I've tried, and I can check/read the mail much quicker.
No money, registration or any other commitment involved - just type in your email address and ordinary provider's password each time.

It's useful when away from home of course, but I also find webmail handy at home, for looking at emails on the server before downloading them to my computer with OE or whatever (The same thing Mailwasher does, if you've heard of that). I can check out the occasional email that could be from either friend or foe, or delete any very large email that doesn't finish downloading and stops me getting any other mail.

  p;3 22:34 15 Jun 2007

has your question been answered ?

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