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  second best 21:23 10 Aug 2009

Hello, recently, and i don't know what i've changed, i'm unable to open certain web pages directly from a link, say in Google for example. 'internet explorer cannot open the web page'

Usually a sponsored link if i use google as a search engine.

Basically, i'm typing 'Canon hg21' into google uk, and the first link is click here. the one underneath is woks, but the pimania one doesn't. There are loads of other instances too, but too many to list.

Also links within pages are broken too, like i see the picture of the earth with a red x nect to it.

Any ideas, thanks.

By the way, if i copy and paste some of the links they work, but not all the time.

Too much of a coincidence for so many sited to be down at the same time, for the last 2 weeks!!

  second best 22:53 11 Aug 2009


  lotvic 23:07 11 Aug 2009

Does anything on social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums click here help

  birdface 06:23 12 Aug 2009

Maybe give your security programs a run.What I get is an unsecure site with your click here so obviously a new site.
Maybe make sure that your Flash and Java programs have been updated recently.

  birdface 07:03 12 Aug 2009

I used to have A squared pay for version and every website that I visited if it tried to download any tracking cookies it would ask me to allow or deny them.I would deny all of them but that would stop me entering some sites that I new to be Ok.So it was just a matter of going back into a squared and allowing it.
maybe your security program is doing the same.Maybe even the Firewall.

  second best 12:24 26 Apr 2010

Sorry i've been such a long time replying guys. Nothing has changed. I've turned off firewall, turned off pop up blocker. I have no ther anti V running.

Broken links within pages and highlighted sponsored links not working either.

Acer Aspire 7730 laptop.

  second best 12:57 13 Jun 2010

Can anyone help with this please. still suffering

  birdface 13:15 13 Jun 2010

Try Run. Type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on your keyboard.
it should tell you DNS cache has been cleared ,if so reboot and see if it solves the problem.

  birdface 13:18 13 Jun 2010

What security programs have you got downloaded including your anti-virus.

  second best 13:21 13 Jun 2010

i'll try that now buteman, but i have no programs, well, apart from possible defender.!

  birdface 13:24 13 Jun 2010

click here Does that work ok.
maybe you are just opening some bad sites.

Some bad sites about so maybe you should try WOT. that will warn you of most bad sites.

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