Web hosting and concurrent users (sessions)

  n0mad 14:33 28 Oct 2007

My business website uses ASP and tracks logged users using the application object. However, the hosting company technical support say that they only allow 8 concurrent users and terminate all sessions (including anonymous sessions from 'normal' visitors)if it exceeds this. I can't find this in their terms and conditions but it's very irritating for my users - it prevents them from being able to update account information because their session is being terminated by the hosting provider.
The hosting provider say that the only way to 'avoid' this to is to ugrade to a (virtual) server account. Has anyone else any experience of this? Is it commonplace on a business package to have such a tight restriction on concurrent users? Is my only option to upgrade from a business to a (virtual) server package, which is of ocurse considerably more expensive. Finally, if I do upgrade can I be sure the problem is solved?
Any thoughts or comments gratefully received.

  n0mad 16:23 18 Nov 2007

OK, I now have the answer to my own question!!
After much debate with the host, they accepted it was a problem with their servers - I was not doing anything unusual (as suggested by fourm member). It turns out W2k3 uses application pools and my site was in one which was recycling too often. The site has now been moved to a different application pool and is now stable.
The important message is that I was given a load of flannel about concurrent users by a technical operative answered somewhere in another part of the world. It seemed plausible (8 concurrent users), so I accpeted it. However, as I couldn't fnd it anywehere on their site or their Ts and Cs I went back to them. My persitence paid off (and I saved the cost of an expensive account upgrade), but how many others are being fobbed off by incorrect advice?

  Forum Editor 19:59 18 Nov 2007

are a way of isolating sites that are running on the same server from each other. That way, if one of the sites has some dodgy code it won't cause problems for other sites in other pools on the same server.

You can have as many different application pools as a server's system resources will allow, and they can be automatically recycled at regular intervals - every night, for instance. Recycling will also occur if system resources are exceeded. The problem is that all information on current sessions is lost when the pool recycles, and that may well have been what was happening in your case.

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