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  Fat Cat 23:58 10 Mar 2003

Anyone had a good experience with web hosting companies ?

I've used oneandone but found there advertising
misleading and even though they have a 60 day back guarantee (I haven't tried it yet ) it is very irritating chosing a provider just to have to change a short time later.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:15 11 Mar 2003

I found them to be ok, but that's just a personal view. They seem to supply all that they say they will, what was the problem?


  Fat Cat 00:35 11 Mar 2003

basic packages didn't allow ftp upload of own created site - wasn't obvious from blurb !

Responding to questions took ages (two weeks!)
They lost my questions in first week !



  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:41 11 Mar 2003

I use the home package, which has full FTP. Didn't know it wasn't included with other deals. Dunno about the responses, never contacted them.

If you dont mind using a USA company, 20m.com seems ok. You can upload your site on the freebie, so I should imagine the pay for ones should do the same FTP.
Cheers, whiz...

  SMB Systems 01:03 11 Mar 2003

I use UK2.NET and have done for a couple of websites and have had no problem at all, i can upload via ftp free and I only endure a small banner at the top of my page, this can be removed by paying a small fee and upgrading the package but for my needs i didn't deem it necessary.

  spuds 01:24 11 Mar 2003

I use 1&1, and I generally find their service good.My emails to them are usually dealt with within 2/3 working days.

  Taran 02:59 11 Mar 2003

Inexpensive and normally very reliable hosting if your needs are not too demanding (in terms of MySQL and similar bells and whistles) can be had if you click here

MySQL is available, but not at their lower priced hosting options, although they do support your own CGI and PHP. Several of my clients have sites with them, they have had no issues, there are real people on the other end of the telephone and emails are normally answered within 24 hours, sometimes on the same day.

Unparallelled hosting at all levels is click here

You'd have to go a long way to beat them.

One&One are fine for most users; it can hardly be thought of as their fault if you buy a package without understanding what it is you are paying for or what you would like to be included. Their alternatives in the range of hosting options they offer are quite clear in terms of what you get and how much it will cost. They are also very obliging if you want to upgrade or change your service with them to an alternative package.

How do I know this ?

Some of my clients have their hosting arranged through One&One; not on my advice mind you, but I have continued with their arrangements and so far, despite the fact that they would not have been my own choice for hosting, they have been very good. They have been prompt in their email replies, there is always a telephone, and they do answer.

A close friend wanted to arrange hosting for his site recently and chose One&One. Not being very web savvy, he simply called them and the hosting options they offer were explained in full over the telephone. He jotted down some notes, made a few comparisons of features and price of the various alternatives and came to his own decision within a few minites.

I think a great deal is down to making sure you know precisely what you want and require before you take the plunge and choose your hosting company and package. At the very least, even if you think you might need certain features, it is worthwhile making sure they are available as part of the package you want before paying for it.

  Fat Cat 11:31 11 Mar 2003

Their website was not clear and customer service
encompases clarity of information not just after you contract but also before.

We knew what we wanted but didn't get it. We weren't impressed.Further,if they had come back to us in a reasonable time it would not have looked so bad but they lost our Email and then took a further week to reply.

As suggested in the Email we are looking to move
elsewhere. In the circumstances,producing a long treatise on oneandone is unhelpful.

  turkeylurkey 11:57 11 Mar 2003

i use webhosting.gb.com who are here: click here

they answer emails within half an hour, they are cheap, reliable and they let you choose the components you want so that you don't have to pay for things you won't use. i only pay £2.98 per month for 20Mb space, 1Gb bandwidth and frontpage extensions.

hope that helps

  Taran 12:29 11 Mar 2003

My apologies of you found my above response unhelpful. Such was not my intention.

If you re-read it and ignore the "long treatise on One&One" you will find links to two excellent alternative hosts. Take a look at the sites the links lead you to for all the information you will need on hosting packages and pricing.

One&One are not the size they are and do not enjoy their current popularity for no good reason. If you did not get what you arranged to pay for, you obviously have cause for complaint. If you paid for a service that did not include what you wanted, that's another matter entirely.

Good luck in finding an agreeable resolution to your problem.



  mcullum_DX4Life 16:28 12 Apr 2003

I use click here for my web hosting. Thier prices are very good and the service is totally reliable. In fact they have just upgraded all thier servers and lowered the prices. The explain everything you need to know and you actually deal with real people. The features are amazing for the prices and they dont charge any stupid setup charges. I see a lot of companies charging £4 if you go over your bandwidth limit, but these only charge 50 pence per gig lol. I am on the £4.95 deal and it is very sufficient for my personal needs.

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