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  _plAsma 22:31 13 Sep 2004

Hi there, i am looking for some good web hosting.

I used to host a dynamic site, this ended when too many users where using the site and an error came out:


or somthing similar. I assume this is a setting that the host had set so too many users couldnt use the site at the same time.

Is there any hosts that dont limit this?


  Gaz 25 22:43 13 Sep 2004

Seems the server got a little overloaded.

They should have set server limites in mysql.

Anyway, try click here (1&1)

They are reliable for me!

  _plAsma 17:49 14 Sep 2004

yes, the server did get overlaoded and thee where MySQL limits put on it. What i am loooking for is a company which doesnt limit the user connections to mysql or a seperate MySQL server to the hosting which i wont have problems on. I will ask 1and1 if they hvae mysql limits.


ps: sorry about posting this here, it should of gone in web design.

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