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  spanneress 14:05 03 Jun 2004

I am not a web designer, I can code in quite a few languages but have not touched HTML since I taught it years back in Notepad and things have moved on greatly since then.

I have been asked to design and build 3 web sites..one for a charity and two for small businesses who cannot afford to pay large company prices. I have no idea about pricing structure as this is not my 'thang'.

I am loathe to take the jobs on but have said I will as I do not want to see them ripped off, but am no longer in touch with any of my former students who would have done them for free for the practise and to detail them on their CV's...so....how much should one charge for a couple of basic pages? Front Page? Templates? Would it be easier to find a student or someone who needs the practise?

Leaving it to the professionals is not really an option as these companies are in their youth and benefit the community.

Any pointers, advise etc gratefully received.



  Taran 15:25 03 Jun 2004

Pricing is always a thorny issue. I charge what I charge because I think it reflects the service I give and the experience I have. Some people charge a lot more than me, some charge less. I'm going to be terribly unhelpul and say that you should apply whatever cost you thin suitable and if nothing appropriate comes to mind base it on your time.

Many of my students like to get their teeth into projects of this nature and both parties can benefit, but often you have to gently nudge them in the right direction since a lot of students feel the urge to try and impress the world and his wife with whiz-bang animations, sound effects Flash movies and all kinds of other stuff. If you hand it over you should either do so in full and make your clients aware of this and let them deal direct with your accomplice or you could steer the project and remain at the helm.

A great part of web design has nothing at all to do with producing the pages. The more work you do behind the scenes in creating a site that is sympathetic to its topic the better the end result will be. My apologies if this is akin to teaching you grandmother how to suck eggs but if you get things moving in an appropriate direction relevant to the organisation/company/whatever that the site is for you are more than half way there.

FrontPage is an excellent starting point and can do anything from simple sites right through to fully blown data driven e-commerce web applications with one condition, you have to know how to get from starting the program up to your goal state without wasting hours messing around with this effect, that layout, this colour shceme and that font.

I can't really be more constructive than to suggest you stick with FrontPage if you want to do it yourself or speak with your local college and see if anyone would like to get involved. You'd better hurry up though: most of my students are currently drooling at the thought of imminent the summer break.

Good luck with it.

  Charence 15:31 03 Jun 2004

I'm a student! Currently studying AS Level and have made 5 websites. Also a SuperUser of Lycos Tripod who helps with web hosting queries. I would not mind doing this for free or small amount of money. When would the websites have to be completed for? My reason for asking is that I have several exams soon so it may be a while before I have time to do something like this.

I don't think that template websites will look very good for businesses. FrontPage is definately a possible option. Most professionals charge over £100 for around 5 pages. You can maybe set a price for each page they would like to have. At £15 per page, you are already charging a lot less than professionals.

If you do not want to design the websites, I will be happy to design them for a considerable amount less than what I have suggested you charge (£15/page). However, I will not be able to start work immediately.


  spanneress 15:33 03 Jun 2004

Thank you Taran (again)..all usefull information. I guess you are right..I think my lack of enthusiasm for web design is the block here, although I was really into the psychology behind HCI and human behaviour etc etc..

None of the customers want anything too fancy..just data explaining their services etc and a way for potential customers to contact them through the web page..which I *know* FrontPage can do....and an attractive effort.

I can do all the theory, a succesfull HCI and oldy worldy HTML but have never put it into practise...

  spanneress 15:35 03 Jun 2004

You are a star!!!

I will e-mail you privately through here but want to say thank you publicly! None of the jobs are urgent or particularly fancy but you are more than welcome...

I teach AS computing still privately so if you get stuck at any point feel free to contact me..which exam board is it?

  Charence 17:52 03 Jun 2004

The exam board is AQA. My Computing Module 1 & 2 exams are on Friday 11th June!



  Charence 19:09 10 Aug 2004

Hi, I have now started my summer holidays and have time to design websites for the organisations you mentioned in the post. Do you still want me to design them? If so, could you please send me contact details and other relevant information for this? Thank you, Charence

  Forum Editor 21:57 10 Aug 2004

I would rather that any further discussion took place off the forum pages please.

Not because I want to be a wet blanket, but because there can be legal implications if we allow the forum to be used as a medium for commercial transactions.

  spanneress 22:14 10 Aug 2004

Oopps..sorry FE..I had totally forgotten this thread was still in existance!

  Charence 22:32 10 Aug 2004

i hadn't received any E-mails from spanneress regarding this, so I decided to post a message to find out what was happening.


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