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  gell 14:16 23 Sep 2004

For anyone who,like me are not too technically minded I can recommend Serif Page Plus9 as an excellent Web Editor. Good results easilly produced

  mbp 20:09 23 Sep 2004

geli: I am a bit confused. I do not have PagePlus9 but I have Page Plus8 PDF Edition. What is the difference between this PDF edition and the new Page Plus 9? Does it mean that PP8 PDF Ed produces Web Pages in the PDF format only? I ran into some problems finding the right template in my Page Plus 8 so I went to my Web Plus 8 program. This also seems to do the function of making a Web page.

What is the difference between Page Plus and Web Plus programs? Does each design web pages as well. Why use one or the other? Which is more convenient to use? I like the Web Plus 8 program and have started to build a page there.

Have you purchased the Page Plus 9 Companion? Have you found that it is worth it, or is the program intuitional for those not too new to the computer?

  gell 10:43 24 Sep 2004

Page Plus
PP9 has HTML4.0 and frees you from some of the page lay out restraints that plagued earlier versions that had HTML 3.2. With HTML 3.2 WYSIWG was only achived by using the arrangements of elements into one large complex HTML table per page wih each element occupying its own cell.Overlaapping objects had to be exported as a single graphic. With HTML4 based on absolute positiong rather than tables it's now OK for objects to overlap and your compsitions can be alkmost free form
I didn't buy the companion because I had the PP8 Companion and I guessed it much the same.
I have produced several web site on PP9 as a virtual beginner. Try www. invicta-airways.co.uk

  mbp 13:37 24 Sep 2004

Geli: I have visited the URL. Was it done with Page Plus 9 then? There was some overlapping of the text that I found a bit distracting, but I had no problems browsing back and forth. How long did it take you to put all that up?

  gell 13:46 24 Sep 2004

Sorry to hear of the overlapping.There was none on mine but I always go to another computer in the library and there was none on there either.I believe it is something to do with screen resolution. I'd be grateful if you could let me know where the overlapping occurs.Are you viewing on a laptop or a PC.
It was done with PP9 and took me about two months but I was also gathering info in that time.
Another one I did on PP9 was
click here

  mbp 20:45 24 Sep 2004

I am using a PC with XP-Home and I was using the Firefox 0.9 browser. The Overlapping or superinposition was obvious on your Home page, The Index appearing over the top of the page. Superimposition was also seen in other pages, I can't remember which without going back. Usually Firefox gives a cleaner clearer web page than IE, for me.

Have you been to:click here ? I have just started looking there and have bookmarked the site. I am surprised the number of people using that site. See you there?

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